1-test and shut down - how long does it take?

  1. 1-test and shut down - how long does it take?

    Just wondering (coz of a discussion I had) - did anyone make frequent bloodworks while on 1-test or at least any blood works? The question is how long does it take to shut you down and is the shutdown as severe as from m1t? I guess not but however, can't find any evidence either about the severeity or about the time point.. - any answer will be appreciated, tx

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    noone has an idea? I have the impression (from my experience) that it takes about a week - week and a half, but, however had no bloodwork done..

  3. It's probably fast, but you have to account for how long it takes to get a good amount in your system. M1T shutdown is superfast, like 1-3 days, but you figure it's an oral methyl, so 100% of the dose is getting to you right away. Transdermal base 1-test, and IM 1-test cyp take longer to accumulate in your system, so the shutdown will not be as fast. But I would guess as an example, that if someone shot about 200mg of a 1-test suspension in water (which I would not reccomend anybody ever doing), it would cause shutdown pretty fast.

  4. tx, for the hint superS.

  5. tx for the hint superS.



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