Nolva: Pre-contest.

  1. Nolva: Pre-contest.

    If nolva prevents estrogen binding, and helps with water retention, then is it possible to use this precontest? More importantly, what happens if you stop using this say 1 or 2 or 3 weeks before your contest? Do you have a rebound effect? will you bloat up and look like your holding water like crazy?!

  2. Yes. It helps pre-contest especially if used with non-aromatizing androgens.
    No, you'll only look bloated if you're using aromatizing androgens then stop the nolva.

  3. I meant using nolva as PCT that is...does this make a difference?

    Say I were to do a m4ohn or m5aa cycle up till contest time, and used nolva as PCT, would i be facing some water retention after PCT?

  4. I'm interested in this answer too.

    Would nova or 6 oxo, make you even dryer if you stack it with say m-d and 5aa precontest? I'd think not??

  5. i actually dont care if it makes you drier...i get dry enough as it is...I just dont wanna lose that. I dont want nolva rebound as i think i heard from somewhere.



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