1test and androgenic sides

  1. 1test and androgenic sides

    At what dose of 1test(in mg/day) do the androgenic sides start to become uncomfortable? (obvious hairloss, serious lethargy, etc)


  2. it really depends, not everyone has sides, some people notice them right away at low doses, some people at high, and some people not at all

    you'll just have to test the waters and see how it goes

  3. You can't tell for sure Pogue is right.

  4. none for me, besides a rash from dmso

  5. I've been using One+ at 9 squirts twicw a day which is about 126 mg of 1T and 468mg of 4ad. This is considered a moderate dose but I can see my hairline receding. I already have thinning in the front but now it's more noticable after only 2 1/2 weeks. Feel lethargic as hell and sex drive is there but it seems like erections don't stay as long. Girlfriend wonders why I've been keeping the sessions short lately. Anyway, I think I'll try the 4ad at a higher dose without the 1T next time and compare the gains and side effects.

  6. Maybe you should try Nor-diol instead? That seems to be a good sub for 1test if you're prone to the sides. Im not sure I even want to risk it - might just to Nordiol/4AD(or1,4) and maybe small amounts of 5aa if I feel the need to.



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