**** titan filters!!!!!!!!!

  1. **** titan filters!!!!!!!!!

    it has taken me 2 hours to get 25ml of solution through them. and YES THE OIL WAS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i ordered whatmans from cemproducts.com, but only received Titans instead.

    **** all of it right now, i'm pissed

  2. Even with the whatmans it takes FOREVER to filter through.

    I just finished up brewing up about 170ml of 1-Test @ 176mg/ml and I had to filter that **** over the course of 2 days. I just sat in front of the tv both nights for hours. My hands got so tired it affected my deadlift grip strength the day after.

    Oh, and for the record: Even at 176mg/ml it wasn't stable until AFTER it was filtered. I had to cook the unfiltered again the second night to get it back into solution. The filtered stayed in solution.

    I haven't heard anybody talk about filtering being a factor in whether it stays in solution or not, but it does.

  3. oh, to top things off; the ****ing stuff crystallized in the filter/syringe and in the sterile vial i just bought. **** this homebrew stuff. if i wasn't 100 bucks into it now id be looking for a source

  4. What were you making and what recipie did you use?

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  5. i originally wanted 250mg/ml 1test cyp. the solution seemed to be supersaturated though, as it completely crystallized. none of the solution would even move when shook. so i diluted it down to 200 mg/ml and it didn't crytallize completely, but crystals formed on the bottom of the sterile flask and the oil floated on top. this was after filtering and baking. i used the recipe posted here

    i did it for 4ad cyp, and it worked beautifully first time. but the 1 test is quite finicky. should have waited for sledge

  6. I had those filters as well from cem. I couldn't for the life of me get the oil to go through. I put it all aside and about 4 weeks later finally decided to try again. at first it was just a really really slow drip out of the filter. it seemed like once it actually started going through the filter it got easier and easier.

  7. i wish bro. also i upped the BB concentration to just above 10%

  8. that sucks. I didn't even use BB

  9. why? BB cuts down on pain supposedly

  10. I have had NO pain at all with this solution. It is absolutely painless. No pain at time of shot, no pain the next day or any day after that.


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