Are PH's the new Anabolic Steroids?

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    they aren't prohormones, they are designer steroids. people call them prohormones because it sounds more legal. according to US law, nothing except AMS's, LG's, Taurus' and I think one or two other products are truly legal prohormones. the others are illegal steroids just using a loophole in the DSHEA (the supplement laws) that forces the FDA to have to ask the manufacturer to prove their product has a natural source and is part of the food chain.

    epi is a steroid not a prohormone
    I know that lol, I'm just saying that Epi is very similar to Var in its effects, so I will buy Epi over Var.

  2. Ive been hearing that for 5+ years

    There's too much money to be made for creative lab rats to NOT find alternative hormonal solutions to illegalized substances

    They always have and always will.

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    Don't worry, they'll all be illegal soon and then they'll all be steroids again.

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  3. Plus everyday we are learning more and more about how to synthesize compounds and how they affect the receptor sites.
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards



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