WTF? Cel pstanz discontinued?

  1. WTF? Cel pstanz discontinued?

    Did I miss this? Just decided to add pstanz to my upcoming cycle and start looking for it and a site said cel discontinued. Any other good brands?

  2. yeah something like that....its hard to find all of a sudden....i was ordering something else, and I saw the store/guy was advertising he has things he can't list so "ask"....I asked and he did have P-stanz but wasn't advertising it, I think I saw his listing on ebay and they are strict I suppose with what you can sell. but I picked some up since I figure now it will be the next thing you can no longer get. for some reason these PH companies create this stuff that people like, then stop making them....makes no sense unless they are figuring to keep a step ahead of the government and they keep changing up their products to keep them legal and on the shelves? not sure, its not a good business model to make something successful then stop making it for no good reason. stupid.

  3. Yea, CEL hasn't made PH's for awhile.

    And I think Pstanz was the other one on the chopping block with Sdrol, right?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kaikara View Post
    Yea, CEL hasn't made PH's for awhile.

    And I think Pstanz was the other one on the chopping block with Sdrol, right?
    Yeah, as far as I know CEL is out of the game completely now.

  5. So anybody have another recommendation on a good brand besides CEL?

  6. cel stopped making pro hormones because of the hefty fda fines along with other possible punishment. years after a product has been discontinued, the fda will still come at you and slap a nice hefty fine on you.

  7. you can still buy p stanz from places. i dont trust ebay. but i bought 4 bottles yesterday really good price. just look

  8. Try 11-oxo.Still out there and being produced.Also a cutting stacker.

  9. Cycle Assist and PCT Assist will still be sold though

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