What's in your PH/PS bunker?

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  1. What's in your PH/PS bunker?

    Just wondering what everyone has been stocking up on before the ban hits?

    So I far I have:
    3 bottles M1T
    2 bottles MOHN
    1 bottle of M1,4andro
    1 bottle of 1,4andro
    1 1/2 bottles of 1ad
    1 bottle T-4

  2. I don't have much. Just 3 bottles of M1T and 3 bottles of s1+ (which I'm about to start using).

  3. 100 grams 1-Test
    160 grams 4-AD
    3 vials of 1-Test Cyp from DS
    5 vials of 4-AD Cyp from DS
    5 bottles of M1T
    5 bottles of M4OHN

    This should keep me from the darkside for a while LOL

  4. a couple bottles of M1T, the rest I could give a crap about

  5. Maybe I'm a bit excessive but...
    I have
    15 bottles of M1T
    3 bottles M-Dien
    120g of 4AD powder
    6 bottles of S1+ and...
    1 bottle of M1,4ADD

  6. 20g 1Test
    1/2 bottle Big 1
    20g 4AD
    1 bottle 4 Derm
    8g M1,4 ADD
    3 bottles M1T
    1 bottle M-Dien
    1 bottle M5AA

  7. I'm halfway to my stock list:

    2 Bottles of S1+
    1 Bottle of T1 Pro
    2 Bottles of T4
    6 T-Gels
    2 Dermabolics Gels
    45grams of 4AD
    30grams of 1T
    10grams of M1,4
    5grams of M5
    4grams of M4AD
    25grams 1,4 Diol
    1 Bottle of M,14 tabs
    4 bottles of M4OHN
    Enough ECAs to stay awake for a year
    Enough M1T to kill a small town

    Yes. I'm obsessive.

  8. 3 bottles m1t
    3 bottles m4ohn
    1 g mdien

    When thats used up I'll move on

  9. This is on my shopping list once the 90 day grace period hits. Dont want to buy it too early if i dont have to.
    108g 1-test powder= 6cycles of 18g cycle 420mg ED
    200g 4ad powder= 8cycles...
    2 Bottles of M1t
    3 Bottles of M5
    3 Bottles of Mohn
    Then lots of t-gel at a later time.

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  11. Full bottles of powder

  12. It is going to be a hard choice for me to decide how much I want to keep for a personal stash. My M5 is running low, but do I want to sell it all, or keep 20 or so for myself??

  13. My PRECIOUS!!!

    4 grams M1T--waay too much
    4 grams m1,4AD way too little
    1 gram + 4 bottles of MD, not real sure this was worth it
    100 grams 4ad
    20 grams 19 Nor
    20 grams 1T
    3 grams 3 Alpha
    1.5 bottles of Sledge test
    5 grams OHT
    15 grams of 7-OXO DHEA
    1/2 bottle of Megabol-X

    ..you'll have to pry these from my cold dead hands!

  14. damn you guys are stacked..

    2 bottles S1+
    10g 4AD
    3 bottles Mdien
    1 bottle M5AA
    1 bottle M1T
    5g Nordiol in Tgel (worthless i guess)
    4 bottles trimax

    want to get my hands on more M5AA, that stuff is gold for MMA

  15. 33g's of M1T..that's consitutes a WMD under UN laws! lol

  16. Im going to stock up on

    1 test transdermal
    M1T - even thou I dont have the balls to take it yet its too cheap not to stock up on
    about 10 bottles.

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  18. I dont have anything stocked right now but plan to have at least:

    4 bottles of M1T
    50g 4-ad powder
    5 bottles MOHN

    im sure i'll think of more

  19. so is he just wrong that he has 2x as much as you or do you actually have MORE than him?!?! if so..... HOLY CRAP!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by GTOman
    Some pretty nice stashes there guys! I've been giving it some thought, and I guess it all comes down to shelf life. I mean depending on PCT and time off, what is the most cycles that you could do in a year maybe 3 or 4? I'm thinking that any more that 9 to 12 cycles (about 3 years worth) is about the maximum you could stock up on. After that who knows if the PH's will be any good.

    I'm just thinkin out loud here, so maybe I'm off base with the shelf life or cycle frequency.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    I was just thinking the same thing. It seems like a waste to get a lifetime supply if they may not be any good in a couple of years.
  21. darius
    darius's Avatar

    So only 3 years?

    That sucks. Whats the best way to preserve them for say 3 years, just keep them in a cool dark spot?

    Will those silica gel packets help? I saw some on Custom's site.

  22. Anyone interested in stocking up on M1T check this out: http://www.bulknutrition.com/?products_****1541

  23. Quote Originally Posted by silverSurfer
    Anyone interested in stocking up on M1T check this out: http://www.bulknutrition.com/?products_****1541
    Holy ****, I don't think I've seen that before. Must be brand new just in time for the ban.

  24. currently taking m1,4ad/1test/4ad

    once my cycle is done will have:
    2 bottles m4ohn (DS)
    2 bottles m1t (gaspari)
    5grams fina acetate
    15 grams test e
    12 grams bold
    8 grams deca

    as you can see..this will be my last ph cycle...dunno what i'm gonna do with the m4ohn and m1t yet.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by silverSurfer
    Anyone interested in stocking up on M1T check this out: http://www.bulknutrition.com/?products_****1541
    That is still not as good of a deal as custom's M1T. Not by a long shot.


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