Letrozole Arimidex GHRP-6 & "Research / Experimental" Chemicals

  1. Letrozole Arimidex GHRP-6 & "Research / Experimental" Chemicals

    I have a few questions regarding experimental "not for human consumption" products. I tried searching and couldn't find the answers to all of these, so I figured I'd start a thread. In particular referring to the following liquid solutions:

    (A) GHRP-6

    (B) Arimidex & Letrozole (my understanding is Letrozole is more hardcore AI almost eliminating estrogen, but can dry you out and Arimidex is more of a milder version)

    (C) Nolvadex & Clomid (in liquid solution forms; Tamoxifen & Clomiphene)

    1 - Probably the dumbest question here, but do you just use the dropper and corresponding dose and put under the tongue? Some of the searches I saw people talking about injecting GHRP-6, but the disclaimer on the product specifically says it's not a sterile solution and absolutely not to be injected. I still have my pinning V-Card, and being a puss when it comes to pinning I'd rather not inject, even though I'm gearing up for my first cycle later this year and will eventually.

    2 - I understand the basic differences between these products (e.g. Nolva & Clomid = SERM's and Dex & Letro = AI's), but specifically: What combo and what doses would you use of Arimidex and / or Letrozole, and / or Nolva and / or Clomid, and when? How does Forma Stanzol work in with these?

    3A - What doses would you use for GHRP-6, for how long, and what are the results you've seen if you have tried it?

    3B - There are other peptides related to GHRP-6 and other specifications such as CJC-1295 and D-LYS3. What is the difference / how can you use these, do you combine and are there combo's to avoid? I'm definitely interested in checking this out, and also how is it combined with AAS?

    Thanks a lot in advance, and please keep in mind I joined this site approx. two weeks ago before you judge my naivety.
    -H C-Word

  2. Also: I read on another search just now that swallowing too much Letro will make your sex drive go away for a long time.

    Definitely do not want that to happen, please let me know if any of these products have effect on libido or which are better regarding this side effect.

    I think that answers the question about swallowing vs. pinning Letro, but I want to confirm this for all of the products.

  3. Most of these compounds are orally available. Just take the dropper to measure the dose and drop it in your mouth or mix it with your favorite beverage. You measure out the volume that corresponds to a certain mg of drug. So if you need 25 mg and the concentration is 100 mg/mL, then you'd take 1/4 of a mL to get 25 mg. Also, grapefruit juice is my choice to mask the taste.

    HOWEVER, GHRP and the other peptides are NOT orally active. Peptides are basically super tiny proteins. Proteins and peptides get digested in the stomach into amino acids. If you swallow your GHRP it will not be active. It must be injected. You can either sterilize your GHRP solution with a .22 or .45 micron whatman's filter on a syringe, or use Bacteriostatic water to reconstitute the dessicated (freeze dried) GHRP solid form. Then it's injected with an insulin syringe. GHRP and CJC-1295 are often used in combination because they produce a synergistic effect (e.g. 2 + 2 = 7). Doses for GHRP are typically 100 mcg and can be taken every three hours throughout the day. It's a good solution to lose your pinning V-Card to because it's a simple water-based subcutaneous injection (as opposed to an intramuscular oil injection with AAS) with a tiny insulin needle.

    Letrozole is a more potent AI than Arimidex, but I'm not sure on the dosing on letro, so I won't comment. Some people choose to start arimidex (aka anastrazole) at 0.25 mg EOD to prevent estrogen side effects during a testosterone based cycle. No need to pin the letro or arimidex. They are readily absorbed orally. And yes, if you dose wrong and take too much, you can shut down all estrogen production which will decrease libido. Make sure your dosages are right. I'd stick with arimidex if you can.

  4. yep letro will kill your libido if you take a good dosage for a few days. like jonny said, arimidex is milder and wont kill libido so much but if you take enough of it, it surely can kill your libido. crushing estrogen levels to much from any sort of AI will decrease your sex drive. also, you dont have to hold the liquid under your tongue, just squirt it in your mouth and swallow and probably want to chase it with something. theres TONS of info on GH releasing peptides out there and lots of different combinations and ways of running them so check out google. its gonna take a good amount of research to get a pretty solid understanding of peptide use. many of them are still relatively new to the market and there isnt a ton of info on some of them but on others there is a lot. good luck, bro!
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  5. Here's pretty much everything you ever wanted to know ever and then some about GHRP and related peptides.

    GHRP Basic Guide (Scroll down when you get there.)
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  6. Johnny & Heebs - God bless thanks a lot guys.

    I'll look into the GHRP, and great call I'll probably use this to ease into my fear of pinning.

    I think that clears up just about everything on my questions. I'll look up the specifics on how to sterilize the GHRP and CJC-1295 and will let you guys know if and when I run those & how it goes. I'm assuming since GH takes a long time to work, these will take some time as well if not more.

    Thx again bros


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