Update on the Ban

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  1. Update on the Ban

    I dont really know if I am allowed to make this common knowledge or not, but here it is....

    We have long foreseen the potential for this legislation to pass. We have worked hard to get you as much time as possible, and our grassroots efforts have flooded Congress with petitions for nearly two years in an effort to enable the public to make an informed choice about these bills. As we suspected might happen, Senator Biden has now severed the prohormone legislation from the Durbin AER Amendment. He felt that his bill was "being held hostage" by this amendment. He has now added the prohormone legislation to an appropriations bill, Commerce/Justice/State/Judiciary HR4754 & S2809, as an Amendment, which is similar to how Senator Durbin originally tried to attach the AER provision to the Defense Appropriation Bill. The cooperation we received from Senators and organizations that were working with us to oppose the AER provision unfortunately will not help us with the prohormone bill as an added piece of legislation to an appropriations bill. Our lobbyists report that the bill could pass as early as next week, however there is the chance that it will not pass prior to the election but rather in a ‚ÄúLame Duck‚Ä? session in November. Because it is contingent on the passage of an appropriations bill, it is also possible that it would be carried over to January before it goes to a vote. Thus, we cannot give you a definite time. It could be as early as next week or as late as January. We will continue to look into what other strategies can be implemented and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

  2. i heard all phs ,methyl's etc will be gone soontime in october

  3. How would this affect future PH's that haven't been released (i.e. proment) ?

  4. You would seriously have to think about sinking the money into a compound that you may only have 90 or 100 days to sell. So, it might look pretty bleak for a compound that has not yet been perfected by China yet.

  5. smeton, Are you saying you have more specific information about this other than what custom said?

    I wonder how this effects Sledge who was saying he planned 4 products to be ready near the end of the month. Also, I'd rather not comment on omissions in the proposed bill, but it seems incomplete.
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  6. Thanks for the update Custom.

  7. Proment isn't coming to market, at least not from Sledge unless he's changed his mind. Now let's assume the bill passes next week, when does it go into effect?
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  8. The bill ammends the list of scheduled drugs, so my understanding is no grace period.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by rrgg
    The bill ammends the list of scheduled drugs, so my understanding is no grace period.
    That's my understanding as well.

    WTF.....Let's not worry about the assault weapons that are legally attainable now....these ph's are
    much more dangerous! My nation makes me sad.

  10. Sledge just posted update on the ban as well. We might have 90 days to stock up...

  11. Customs what about us international ph users how does this affect us? will you others like like mike and sledge continue to sell to international clients?

    btw, ph is not illegal here in my country

  12. It will be illegal to import a batch from China and then re-export to you overseas.

    It's a good thing the Senate is working on real problems.

  13. AAAAAAUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This sucks massive ass!!!! I was hoping next year.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by -2z-
    That's my understanding as well.

    WTF.....Let's not worry about the assault weapons that are legally attainable now....these ph's are
    much more dangerous! My nation makes me sad.
    Yea seriously, who needs the right to bear arms, and protect ones family....

  15. Damn this sucks...

  16. There will be a 90 day grace period.

    as for international customers, it is still illegal here in the US where I am, so obviously it is not an option.

  17. Seriously stop buying the propaganda from the left about the assault weapons ban and do some research, please.

    Well, at least a 90 day grace period gives enough people time to save and stock up
  18. darius
    darius's Avatar

    DAMN. This sucks.. the ban's gotta come right when my next payment for my martial arts ($280), speeding ticket ($200), and text books ($500) have just dented my savings account.

    Time to turn to the dark side. I'm a nice guy, anyone wanna hook me up with a source? Mods: lol I'm completely joking..

    This sucks.. I guess it was going to come sooner or later. As for the assault weapon ban expiring, it doesn't really change much, my cousin's bought semi auto ar-15s and ak's after the ban no problem at all.

    Does this mean Superbol and Sledge's other products may be cancelled?????

  19. Latest news story= Body builder on cycle of 1-test kills family of five in automobile accident... My goodness this is so sad, I can buy as much booz as I want anywhere I want, but I can't buy 1 freakin gram of 1-Test. Well we can look on the bright side, all the AAS sources are thinking "RIGHT ON! here comes some more customers!"...grrrrrr Thanks for the update custom.
  20. darius
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    I don't like needles.

  21. What about your T-gel will you still sell it. Say the ban comes i stock up on

    alot of powder will i be able to buy t-gel later?

  22. Damn...this really does suck. Guess I know where my next few paychecks will be going. Leave it to Congress to look after my "best interests". Damn bureaucrats.

  23. Custom,
    How is xxx not on the Ban since it has xxx in it or is xxx not on the list?
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  24. Thanks for the up date

  25. That is very nice to know. Those items make a decent cycle if nothing else is available.


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