Has any one used Prami for gyno

  1. Has any one used Prami for gyno

    has any one used prami to get rid of progesterone related gyno?

  2. I don't think prami alone is good for gyno but I'm not sure.might have to stck with nolva ir sutin..Anybody else?

  3. i would like to shrink what i have and also run trenazone again as well i liked it and want to use it again but am afraid i would just be growing tities if i did

  4. How long have yu had the gyno.. Is hard or tissue or just puffy

  5. i had it for a few months then it went away and then all of the sudden it came back in my left nipple there is some hard tissue, and then both of them are a little puffy.

  6. It will get rid of progesterone related gyno but you have to make sure what you have is progesterone related. I had some from a old tren ph cycle a few yrs back. Haven't really leaned out since then and now I am so I realized there was some gyno and looked for a fix. I ran it at .125 g/day right before bed for 5 weeks and did the trick. Now I'm left with just some fat to get rid of. I recomend right before bed, atleast to start because it will make you tired. I have read up on it alot because an AI wasn't taking care of it. You can take prami with the Trenazone and it will stop the side effects of it but still allow muscle growth. The only side effect I've noticed is I lost alot of my stamina in bed.

  7. thanks for your input. ill have to give it a try run it for a while to get rid of my gyno then once that is gone ill run my cycle along with the prami.

  8. Just be sure to taper the dose because it WILL make you feel like death! The first time I took it, I dosed a full ml and got very nauseated and felt like crap for a few hours. Taking before bed will help.


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