New Guy Anavar Only Cycle Log

  1. New Guy Anavar Only Cycle Log

    Have been on the site for a month just reading and decided to register/post today. I plan to use this space as a log and I will try to be as detailed as I can - time permitting.

    I'm 26, have been lifting since HS football started and I was 14. During that period of time there was a long span where I was very serious about working out/eating right/and taking the best possible care of my body. There were also periods where I stopped lifting, ate like ****, and did not treat my body with any regards. Long story short, I am at a time in my life where I have found a renewed desire to train, be healthy, and try to better myself everyday. I've tried many approaches over time and think I have a routine down now that I really enjoy mainly because I've incorporated some new ideas, exercises, and freshness to my routine. A big problem I would have in the past is burning out from the same routine.

    I have previous experience with PHs (Superdrol - the original one from DS, and M1T)

    I have been back at it in the gym for the last 2 months now and have decided this is the direction I am going to go. Fully aware this may not be the preference of many (Oral only cycle, no test, Anavar by itself). Goal wise - I am looking to keep a more athletic - defined look rather than blowing back up.

    5'9 212lbs, eventual end goal is to get around 195.

    Cycle layout:

    Weeks 1-5 = 50mg Var split in to 2 doses (am/pm)
    Weeks 6-8 = 75mg Var split in to 2 doses (am/pm)
    PCT = 40/40/20/20 mg of Nolva

    I am leaving open the option to bump the dosage to 75mg later in the cycle - if my body is responding good to 50mg than I may not bump it at all.

    Supplements used:

    TTA (have been on this for last month, will finish out this 2nd bottle. 2grams/day. Have had no issues with cramping or feeling tired)
    XTend (2scoops pre/during workout and post workout)
    Craze (1.5scoops preworkout)
    4-5 Fish Oil caps
    MVP multi-vitamin
    Protein powder

    Workout split (included most of the things that I do on each day, not all. Each day has its core workouts that I always do but I mix around a lot with the other exercises to keep it fresh). After I finish my core exercises, I like to pick the pace up - go lighter in weight, and work more exercises/reps in. Deadlifts, Military Press, Power Cleans, Squats, and Incline Bench are exercises that I do a 5x5 split.

    On the 2 days I list as circuit - my gym has an area with tires, ropes, a mountain climbing machine, trx bands and this is some new stuff that I've incorporated in to my training. I keep the pace very fast and do little circuits of 2-3 exercises. This usually last 20-25minutes. I warm up with 15minutes on a bike on lifting days.

    Back (5x5 deadlift, 3x8 v-bar(dont know what to call it) pull downs, 3x8 bent over 2 arm long bar rows)
    Shoulders (5x5 front military press on smith machine, 5x5 power clean, 3x8 highpulls, 3x8 lateral raises)
    Cardio/Bi's/Circuit (30min walk at 4.5incline/3.5mph)(3-4 bicep exercises)(flip tires, throw heavy balls, rope pulls, sandbags, trx suspension, shuttle runs)
    Legs (5x5 squats, 3x10 leg extensions, 3x10 hamstring curls, 3x10 calf raises)
    Chest (5x5 incline bench, 3x10 dumbbell bench, 3x10 hammer machine, 3x12 cable crossover)
    Cardio/Tri's/Circuit (same as day 3)
    Cardio (45min walk at 4.5incline/3.5mph)

    I am trying to keep my diet as clean as my life allows me to. For the most part I've been able to do just that. Example from today:

    8:45 -10eggwhite omlet on rye bread
    10:30 - workout
    11:45 - post workout shake + apple
    2:30 - canned tuna
    5:00 - grilled chicken with broccoli + brown rice
    7:30 - protein shake + peanuts

    I try to get around 40grams of protein with each meal with a good carb or fat addition.

    Today was day 1 of Anavar and I did my Shoulder routine. Tomorrow will be just cardio and the circuits I do.

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