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  1. Question continue or take break

    Been on 4ad trans and 1test cyp for about a month and a half with M1,4add for first month. Looking into switching to eight weeks of test enan, with four weeks of D-bol, continuing the 1test, and finishing with 4 weeks of tren. Will switching on-cycle hurt the possible gains of finishing what I'm on, hitting PCT, taking time off and starting fresh with the test,etc... How much are my receptors worked after only 1.5 months and will they still respond very well to improved supplementation??? What would YOU do??? Any advice is appreciated.
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  2. sounds like a good switch to me...the prohormnones just a warmup?

  3. Had time to rewrite initial post with a couple questions.
    My girlfriend was standing behind me mid-post earlier and asked, what's all that code mean. (1testcyp 4adtrans m1,4ad,etc...) lol We've been having a lil' fight since she figured out I have needles. She's hopefully only joking about calling my parents! I don't need that ****. Anyway, any opinions would be great.

  4. Truthfully I would finish up your current cycle with what you are running, then after ample recovery time start the other cycle.

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