High blood pressure while on hdrol?

  1. High blood pressure while on hdrol?

    Im running hdrol right now, only at 50 mg(week one). I check my blood pressure twice a week while on cycle and i noticed that it is slightly up. No telling for sure if its the hdrol because like I said, its only slightly up. Is there anything I could have on hand to take on cycle just incase the hdrol turns out to be the cause and it keeps going up? I tried searching but could not find anything. When I ran epistane a few months back I had no issues with blood pressure.

  2. Celery seed extract and Hawthorn Berry.

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    Celery seed extract and Hawthorn Berry.

    thanks bro. making a trip now

  4. Also grapeseed extract and fishoil.
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  5. Garlic pills help too!



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