Ok, getting ready to buy my last cycle. I have agreed to stop after this to keep the wife happy. I originally wanted to run a dbol/test e/EQ/tren e cycle. I decided to drop the tren and just leave the rest. After reading about the possibility of very high blood pressure and veins bulging (not my thing) I decided to kick the EQ. So now I am back to dbol and test e. I thought about masteron but i read if you aren't in a certain BF% you are wasting it. I'm not sure where i sit so i am thinking this is a wash too. So, now i am tossing around Deca or tren e. I've run both before with either test e or sust in the past but i hate the fact that Dostinex has to be added in....expensive stuff.

Now my question, if i want to make the best of this cycle and really seem some nice gains without having to worry about cutting like crazy before summer hits, what options do I have? Is there another compound better suited for what i want to do?

Stats: this will be my 6th cycle, 29yrs old, 6'1", 202 lbs (most might say my weight is low for my height and cycle history but i graduated highschool weighing 157lbs...I was a twig)