Furuza-A cycle what do you guys think ??

  1. Furuza-A cycle what do you guys think ??

    Furuza-A 200mg a day and 6 bromo 100 mg a day. Then I will arimadex by bpi and testforce 2 for a month. What do you guys think I heard Furuza is very light and is supposed to be run at 400-500mg. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

  2. drop the 6-bromo and save for pct @ 50mg e/d.

    run the fura for 6 weeks. yes, the dosage needs to be higher but some people get good results from 200mg. you might be a lucky one. but def go for 6 weeks at w/e dosage you run.

  3. what not run 6 bromo ?? and what do you mean by e/d

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