Superol is destroying the gyno it gave me. Why?

  1. Superol is destroying the gyno it gave me. Why?

    I've had slighly puffy sensitive nips from a SD cycle done a couple years back, it came on about 6 months after my SD cycle (even with proper PCT) so I counted myself a victim of delayed gyno induced by SD. I've tried all sorts of things over the last couple of years to get rid of it with little effect. Letro, Nolva, Arimdex, Clomid, Erase, etc

    I had loads of left over SD and decided to start another cycle last week and i'm shocked to see that that my annoying nipple sensitivity and puffiness is pretty much gone in less than a week. The superdrol that gave this too me so long ago is fixing it. I know this is probably temporarily and likely come back with a vengeance when I come off cycle.

    BUT! My question to you bro-scientists is what is the most likely reason for this? I don't know enough about how superdrol acts within the body and how it converts to this and that but whatever its doing I need to replicate for my pct and even after to make sure I keep this gyno at bay. Any help is appreciated.
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