Anyone run a test cyp only cycle?

  1. Anyone run a test cyp only cycle?

    Has anyone run a cycle if test cyp only? What was the mg dosage & how long? Please post your strength gains & body weight. Also how much you kept after pct & full recovery. I'm running a test cyp cycle now & it seems my weight isn't going up. I'm doing cardio on empty stomach(light 20-30min twice a week) & eating a lot cleaner. Although I still cheat a couple times a week w eating out. Ive increased my meal intake by a whole meal- putting me arpund 7 a day.My strength hasn't really gone up too much(made same gains off of creatine!) but I really haven't been pushing my bench much- my elbow has been killing me about 1 week into cycle. Seems like the pain stops @ very end of workout! I feel super pumped while working out though. My friends say i look a lot more cut & muscular. I know juice isn't magic.. I was just expecting more. Btw I was pinning twice a week @ 300mg(600mg a week). I'm on week 3.5. I guess It's good not getting huge bc I'm more likely to hold onto what I got? Anyway any input would be appreciated. Thx

  2. Btw- I started around 225lbs- my weight fluctuates between 227-230. So I'm guessing some days I'm holding more water.

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