Im a Scammer

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  1. Hello all


    Guys I am new here,i am member on a lot of other boards! I scam newbies and other people at several boards and have been banned from over 20 boards!

    PS - YJ owns me!
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  2. Get off my playground you ****in scammer......

    ****when you come to someone's board, direct linking them to your board AND pricelist, this will tip people off, so I researched and boom, busted *******....need more proof?

    Banned from AnabolicReview

    All over Candian Juice Monster's Scammer list

    Banned From FitnessGeared

    Banned and flamed to high hell at RippedCanadians

    Banned at MassMonterz

    Banned at Anabolic Science - A very good link with his aliases

    **If you're going to scam, at least be discrete about it, linking people directly to your list, etc, post whoring that you've arrived at several boards, using a hotmail e-mail account, come on man, at least be an intelligent scammer.

    Banned from

    Banned from Elite

    Reject from
    BodybuildingExtreme's Scammer list

    Banned from MuscleChemistry

    Swole Cat Putting it to him at GotFina

    Banned from

    **I could go on for another hour......and I think I will....

    Banned At AnabolicParadise

    Banned at Anabolex

    Banned at Anabolic Universe

    This piece of **** isnt even an intelligent scammer. You can read the links and findi s various aliases and if anyone backs him, its his cronies from his board who are all in on it too. DONT ever come here and PM my members and blantanly whore your pricelist (using an hotmail addy LMAO)
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  3. THANKS,realy nice to hear that cool man!


  4. meh... I retract my welcome you ****in poop eater
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  5. thanks BIGGIN, want to check my HOTMAIL account and I'll take your money if you're interested....

    forbb (aka tool box)
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  6. Welcome aboard. I hope you like good info - there's tons of it here!

  7. Go ahead and crack open another 40 we got a new member. Welcome to the party.

  8. Welcome aboard man, and yes the mods are "god guys"

  9. So who wants to be scammed first?
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  10. Welcome fbb, you **** smoker. Your mother should have done us all a favor and swallowed you.
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  11. thanks SCORPIO Please send me all your money..
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  12. found your way to another board huh? you wont last long here either!!!!!!

  13. Everyone welcome Scope, our new AnaMinds Security/Bouncer

  14. i'll let him answer that question as this isnt my board and im just a newbie. for the record i will say he was on our board for about an hour

  15. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Everyone welcome Scope, our new AnaMinds Security/Bouncer

  16. hahah okay. Welcome bro, ive seen you somewhere i think

  17. He is a piece of **** scammer! A known scammer at several boards, banned from them all.....if you recieved a PM from him, delete it....

    Who wants to play with the Trojan Virus disk tonight?

  18. LOL not me YJ.. did that the other day... only problem was it got away from me....
    actually joking aside, I did get one of those damn email virus the other night nasty ****.. hope that all of those asses that have all that time on their hands to write viruses drop dead!!!

  19. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    He is a piece of **** scammer! A known scammer at several boards, banned from them all.....if you recieved a PM from him, delete it....

    Who wants to play with the Trojan Virus disk tonight?
    that is why...told you he wouldnt last long!!

  20. Death to all scammers!!!!!

  21. He's posting away at .... hope someone busts his ass over there....just might have to be the bee.....

  22. Thanks for the lowdown on him Scope.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  23. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    He's posting away at .... hope someone busts his ass over there....just might have to be the bee.....
    ha..the bee dude....i i like that. im in need of a nickmane. 'the wise one"? ""the truth'? "Sage"? wait.....

  24. says i only have 3 post i did have like 15...what happened

  25. Posts made in the "Off Topic" section do not count towards your total post count

    Where we all came from, the Misc./Off Topic section ran rampant with bull**** and douche bags, so in hopes to eliminate them from coming here and posting ignorant **** to up their post counts, we dont count off topic posts

    I hope you understand Scope, not that your post count is relavant, we all know you badass

  26. LOL! damn so much for postwhoring then.....

  27. Sorry brother, we'll allow you to post whore anywhere else though, I know that brain of your's.....

  28. One final bump for all to see the SCAMMER.

  29. haha i like your editing job YJ... very funny
    Twitter: @pogue25

  30. His ass got stung. BZZZ BZZZ

  31. they locked the thread but dont worry bro i went there and started another one...i got your back!!!!

  32. LoL! I love you man.... but uh.... They locked it so the cronies from his board wouldnt come in and raise hell. WW and BB opened it for me so I could make that final post.....

    forbb started a thread at his board telling everyone to go over there and defend him..... lame

  33. AnabolicMinds "You got punked bitch" Statment of the Week
    Via Scope at BB4L

    "i'll take you both up on your offers....FORBB is a punk ass scammer and has been for years.....guilt by association you say huh? well partners would be more the word for it. so unless you got about 3g laying around i would keep your mouth shut. i have 2 sources who can back my statement up. i also have the names of 4 members who were scammed about a year ago. he claims to have severed his ties with getbig and cleaned up his act......but once a scammer always a scammer bro. you wanna do business then fine but dont put in a good word for a guy who has been banned from over 20 boards...including mine. MASSMONSTERZ.COM
    i was at 1morerep when this all went down about a year ago and have followed it every since. IM a mod at Massmonsterz and Muscledfreakz as well. check around bro...i know what im talking wanna talk about this then PM me...... YJ is highly respected as well...the reason nobody know FORBB is cause he isnt allowed on any boards. gotta be a reason for that dont ya think....we're mods we dont witch hunt we protect!!!!"

  34. like that !!! had to vent......

  35. Thanks scopey

    I hope you stick around we need more cool guys.

  36. Scope great post... Glad you are around here.

  37. Hows the data base going bro ?

    I wonder if this is how ForBB feels
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  38. man... what a bummer... now I'll have to retract my welcome... I'm so friendly too... feel so used... well *******, now you gotta SUCK IT

  39. Does he carry SDI Labs?


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