sterility ?

  1. sterility ?

    ok i have a 10 ml bottle of deca and a 20 ml vila of test both have been jabbed a few times and left sitting in a closet for a few months.would they be ok to use now or do i need to bake them? or would the standard leaving them in hot water before a shot be worried about possible infection

  2. Run them through a filter. Then bake, atleast that's what I would do.

  3. run then through a filter? altogether thats 26 mls of gear.i never understood how to bake something i remove the rubber stopper

  4. Actually they should be ok. if you kept them in a cool dark plase. Just be sure you clean the tops very throughly. The BA keeps you gear sterile

  5. I agree no need to bake, they should be fine

  6. Yep that is what the BA is for.

    Only a few problem.
    I wouldn't even filter unless it looks like it may need it.

  7. nice..thanx


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