Is my OPENED bottle of mdrol still good?

  1. Is my OPENED bottle of mdrol still good?

    So my stupid ******* friend decided he wanted to see what the pills look like so he broke the seal on the bottle and opened it about 3 months back. I still have the cotton ball in the bottle and the cap has been shut on it...just the seal underneath the cap is gone.

    I bought it probably a year and a half to two years ago. The expiration date on it is 1/13. LOT# 53898. I got it quite some time before it got i know its legit. Im just hoping he didnt ruin it for me!

  2. Yeah, that seal wont do nearly as much as cotton to absorb moisture.

    Best use it now

    R.I.P. half of CEL products </3

  3. lol i have a hdrol cycle set up already. preloading now and starting it next week you think the mdrol will still be good around...say....july/august?

  4. I mean i wouldn't push your luck a few months before it expires.

  5. alright thanks guys


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