Poll: HPBCD based kits, want them and what kind?

For anyone that homebrews

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  1. For anyone that homebrews

    Would you be interested in a kit that would allow you to make you own cyclo bold, or any other steriod base in a cyclo-dextrin based solution?

    Also would you want the kit to take care of the pellet conversion?

    Edit : this is an injectable version.

  2. pellet converter

  3. im listenen........

  4. this would allow for a sub-q injection, correct? I thought i saw a thread somewhere on another board with a guy doing this and he seemed to really like it.

  5. You would not inject test or fina sub Q

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dg806
    You would not inject test or fina sub Q
    I was under the impression that this was the reason for doing a cyclo-dextrin solution. The guy at SM was doing cyclo-boldenone this way.

  7. definitely got my intrest with the kit that is

  8. bump for skye to maybe give a little more info.

  9. I would have to know what concentration could be achieved. And what the pharmakinetics are.

    The phrasing of your poll questions seem to imply a low concentration requiring large volume and high frequency...

  10. Yeah, low concentration in cyclodextrin-based products..

  11. The cycle bold product (from QFS i believe) was 50mg/ml, so I assume two 1ml pokes a day with a slin pin. A kit for doing the conversion would be great, would love to try a cyclo product for a short cycle.

    Would like both kinds of kits, one for pellets and one for powders.

    For those who voted 'what the hell' here is a link to a journal (might have to register)

  12. does cyclo-bold contain boldenone base?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by oracle
    does cyclo-bold contain boldenone base?

  14. I would definately be intrested in one of these kits.

  15. count me in

  16. At this point I am just tryint to determan if there is enough interest to devolp one. (Not that hard to do but lots of steps)

    The problem is the endotoxen free HPBCD is very exspencive. Also the you looking at 50 to 80mg/ml base hormones. While this would be painless (Its sugar water) your talking about 2X a day to be most effective.

    On the other hand its painless shots, bases rock, and could really injected as much as you need to (its just sugar water)
    You could take this sub q or IM depending on your preframce.

    This would be devoloped for a third party (good rep and history) to actually make and sell.

  17. Is the cyclo that 1fast400 sells endotoxin free? How can you tell?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jeff
    Is the cyclo that 1fast400 sells endotoxin free? How can you tell?
    No it isn't. USP grade cyclo is about 950 to 1285 a killo

  19. I'm pretty sure that the cyclo that 1fast is selling is intended for sublingual or nasal delivery methods.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  20. I have used QFS cyclo bold and cyclo test and both were excellent products.
    Remember that 50 mg of unesterfied ccylo will give you 350 mg of eq per week= to almost 600 mg of Bold Undeconate.

    They were working on Cyclo-winny and cyclo-deca when they shut down...sigh.

    You must use endotoxin free cyclo.
    You can do a whole cycle of test,eq, and winny without ever having to go IM.
    Less pain and trauma to the muscle.

    Some info:
    The cyclodextrin molecule is a carbohydrate shaped like a hollow cone. The outside of the cone is polar and will dilloved in polar solvents like water. The inside of the cone is hydrophobic and attracts substances that do not readily dissolve in water like unestrified steroid hormones. The cyclodextrin - steroid complex readily dissolves in water. This makes a very nice solution that is easy to inject with minimal pain. It will easily pass through a 27g needle at a concentration of 50mg/ml. Higher concentrations readily become too thick to easily inject.

    Most cyclodextrin product can easily be injected with a slin pin. A slight bit of heating for the Cyclo-Boldenone is necessary to reduce the viscosity and ease loading the syringe, more heating is necessary with the current (and first) batch of Cyclo-Test as it tends to crystalise out of solution. The formulation was refined for the Cyclo-Boldenone and will be refined to the Cyclo-Test when they make a second batch. It's difficult to get people to try new products. Bodybuilders are a tough sell and usually stuck in their ways.

    The maximum workable concentration is 50mg of hormone per ml of solution. To take the concentration much past that point will result in a very viscous solution due to the ratio of cyclodextrin to hormone.

    You do not have to inject twice per day. Once per day is fine. Splitting your daily dose into two injectiosn is better. You can inject the Cyclo products any way you like IM, SC. I have done them all (referring to the types of injections) and prefer SC 90% of the time.

    As far as SC pain goes, I do experience a slight bit of soreness around the injection site for a few hopurs possibly lasting a whole day. This completely disappears after about one week resulting in truely pain free injections.

    The Cyclo products are not more effective, they just present a better way of administering steroids with a massive increase in injections sites due to the SC nature of the injection.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^
    Borrowed from missbehavin on another site.
    I am doing the cyclo-bold. Waiting patiently for winny , deca and tren to be made cyclo.

  21. TTT.

    Skye any intentions???

  22. I think he scrapped the idea, because there wasn't enough interest :cry:

  23. Well that sucks. This is the first time I've seen this thread and I got all excited, but then I saw the dates and the lack of responses. Anyone wanna go in with me on purchasing a kg of endotoxin free cyclo? A kit would've been awesome.

  24. fark dude..

    ill surely buy it

  25. You can still go sublingual, it works just as well and don't need to buy the expensive HBTCD, just making it mix is a bitch is quite a frustarting proccess that requires patience.


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