Hi guys, currently on week 5 of my cylce

Im planning on bulking to 8 weeks then cutting for 6 weeks

1-5 - 40mg Dbol

1-14 - 750mg Test E

1-12 - 450mg Deca

1-14 - Half tab AI

So i wanna get my 6 week cut sorted before it fastly approaches!

Im gonna keep the dosages the same in the Test and Deca, possibly add in 100mg Test prop Eod for last 4 weeks?

Also i want to cycle Clen 1 week on 1 week off while cycling T3 for 6 weeks.

Does this seem ok for the Clen and T3:

Day 1 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg

Day 2 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg

Day 3 Clen 80mcg / T3 75mcg

Day 4 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg

Day 5 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg

Day 6 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day 7 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day 8 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day 9 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day10 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day11 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day12 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day13 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day14 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day15 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day16 Cle 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day17 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day18 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day19 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day20 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day21 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day22 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day23 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day24 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day25 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day26 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day27 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day28 Clen off / T3 100mcg

Day29 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day30 Clen 100mcg / T3 100mcg

Day31 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg

Day32 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg

Day33 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg

Day34 Clen 100mcg / T3 50mcg

Day35 Clen 100mcg / T3 50mcg

Day36 Clen off / T3 50mcg

Day37 Clen off / T3 50mcg

Day38 Clen off / T3 25mcg

Day39 Clen off / T3 25mcg

Day40 Clen off / T3 25mcg

Day41 Clen off / T3 25mcg

Day42 Clen off / T3 25mcg

Carbs will be Pre and post workout, other carbs will be from veg

Will do 4-5 days of cardio in my cut

Eating 300g + protein and keeping fats moderate