Self Fulfilling Prophecies and methyl steroids

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by B5150

    ...for the boat-load of newbie posts that flood this place with the surge of the newbie OTC methylated steroids and ban rumors.

    Lets all get excited about Methoxy-this and Halo-that... untested, unproven, and uncertain substances...

    In fact... let's all buy a bunch. Why not?


  2. bump

  3. The biggest problem w/ BBing is the percepion that EVERYONE can become huge by lifting weights and popping pills. The two important factors in BBing are patience and dedication.

    It is so bizarre to me that every person thinks by lifting a weight that they will explode w/ mass and can become a pro. I would like someone to tell me any endeavor that he/she can become the best in the world after only a few months. I am pretty sure that no person thinks they can play in the NFL after starting to play football when they are in their mid-20s...

  4. From my point of view, being only 20 yrs. old, I don't like the idea of relying on supplements for gains off the bat. It really makes me angry when I'm browsing a few forums and read posts by guys who are 17-20 saying they know the dangers, but want to do it anyway. Why not spend the money on some good food, and learn to lift properly, and use minimal supps. I've only been seriously lifting now for abt 2 months and I've def. noticed a change from eating clean and working out with a good program.

    Just my .02- I don't want to touch any methyl-this or that for a loong time. No thank you.
    "A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most." -George Bernard Shaw

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bow
    There seems to be an influx of threads of late relating to people under the age of 21 taking anabolics or equally insane, people will minimal training experience (especially those people under the age of 30) taking PHs or steroids to improve gains.

    I know this has all been pointed out before, but I believe it needs to be reiterated. First, if you are taking PHs or steroids and are under the age of 21, you are playing Russian Roulette. What is most concerning is that you are still growing and f*cking with your hormones. Your hormones peak at about age 18. Most of us would kill to have the same amount of natural test and igf-1 floating around our systems without having to engage in exogenous hormones. Take advantage of it. Train your ass off and you will grow. Aside from irreversible htpa damage, you run the risk of stunting your growth via premature growth plate closure, inducing gynecomastia (bitch tits) and accelerating the probability and growth of certain cancers.

    Second, if you are over the age of 21 and are considering taking PHs or steroids and are relatively new to training, don't even consider it. You should be absolutely sure you have exhausted all means of progress via proper training, rest and diet. If you are not sure, you are not ready. Research. If you still are not sure, hire Bobo.

    I see people who are beginning cycles with only a couple months of consistent training. This is insane. Very simply, your htpa never fully recovers after a cycle of exogenous hormones. Whenever you exceed normal physiological levels of any androgen for an extended period of time, you are going to do some irreversible damage. The purpose of PCT is to minimize that damage. But be sure, you are doing damage (regardless of age). At or near the age of 28, our bodies hormone levels being to decline. If you are under the age of 28, why accelerate this process? If you can make progress without the assistance of PHs or steroids, why engage in their use and accelerate what will be your body's ability to naturally produce hormones? Only if you have trained consistently for several years, have exhausted all means of progress via proper training, diet and rest and are experiencing an unusually prolonged plateau should you even consider such avenues.
    I think this should be posted every time a teenager asks about anabolics here (right before the thread gets locked).

  6. I think in general society has a miracle pill for everything. Why is a teenager guilty of ignorant use of PH when their parents at home take lipitor for high colesterol while they eat extra buttered popcorn on the couch. Hollywood has one of the most powerful effect on influential minds, all this is a world of botox, colonics, plastic surgery and last but not least designer eating disorders. Has anyone noticed how drug use in general has changed. Kids dont just smoke pot and munch out, crystal meth is disturbing, excstacy is widely used, and binge drinking is the norm. I am the only person in my family who knows about any sort of supplements, i continually try to educate my family but they seem so sceptical of supplements because of the medias perception of sports supplemnts. I think the coverage by the governments in north america is lacking to say the least and definetely inadequate. They IMO have managed to scare away people from supplements and opened up a new door for kids looking for something to get on. There has always been influential children looking to do whatever is inthe media, smoking proves it everyday. If an actor did juice in a movie think of how that made you feel, the music was all tense like you know its wrong and its goona catch up to him soon enough. But when someones smoking its pure exstacy and they love every second of it, so its implied that its ok and COOL people smoke. I think our perspective as people loooking to learn about our bodies and tap in to the fountain of physical youth is gracious with pure in tent of correcting the problems started somwhere else. Once they get here atleast they have a chance at making informed decisions. The problem IMO is not this forum and its advice or number of posts in any section its everyday life and this is a lifeline for someone swiming through the sewer of life. Dont scorn idiots, newbs or kids dont push them away, offer help. Weve all been young, uninformed, or out classed, but we never want to feel stupid isolated or small. AM helping to fix everyones problems one post at a time.

  7. Great post Somewhat!

    When I think about what my knowledge and attitide towards supplements and diet was 15 years ago..I shudder.

  8. I just ran across this thread searching for something else.
    B5150 nailed the title on this one. It looks like the problem is getting worse instead of better as far as younger guys jumping into cycles.
    The MODS here do a great job trying to educate and keep these kids from making mistakes that could last a lifetime, but there is only so much they can do.
    You just cannot afford to advise a teen how to use steroids or PH's, even though you know some of them are going to cycle regardless of the reasons we tell them not to.

  9. With the tremendous influx of new board members this is so much more relevant. So many very inexperienced first time users sharing their (in)experience with other first time users is becoming epidemic. Experience means nothing without knowledge and knowledge means nothing without wisdom. Steroids are not dangerous in the hands of mature, intelligent, knowledgeable, safe users. Unfortunately there are far too few of these coming of age lately.

  10. I think i'm going to add this to my sig as it holds a ton of valuable insight and information to the masses who want to choke down the coolest and newest drug.

  11. I dont know how this isnt a sticky yet.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by spatch
    I dont know how this isnt a sticky yet.
    In the anabolics section....
    My The 1 LOG:

  13. Stick it!

  14. i believe that half of these people (that have always JUST TURNED "21") asking about their first cycle are really kids either just out of high school or still in highschool.

    when i see kids talking about taking ph/ass when they are clearly at least 20 pounds less than what they should be before starting i have to shake my head, but there is, of course, a flipside.

    i find that this situation is similiar to the whole over the counter "plan B" birth control situation. people dont want to make it easily availbe because it will promote promiscuity. other say there will be promiscuity anyway, so lets control the fall out (unplanned pregnancy). i happen to be with the latter.

    the same situation applies to these idiots in high school asking about steroid use when they should not even be considering anything but learning how to eat right and train right to attain their goal, which would be ridiculously easy with their natural hormone panel. we can either tell them they are not ready and blow them off, or we can tell them how to do it correctly to minimize the damage.

    i do not think that telling these idiots (and dont mistake me for a second, i hope they regret their decisions deeply later in life) is right at all, but i do think it helps to minimize the damage. kids are going to do this anyway, the best we can do is try to dissuade them as best we can and point them to the diet and training sections...but when push comes to shove we need to provide damage control.

    normally, it looks like emphasis on the side effects than can and probably will experience due to their young age can deter them. Pointing out the unavoidable close of their immature growth plates seems to be particularly effective, and, not a over exaggerated side effect they have been told in health class that is clearly overly exaggerated.

    i am sure some will disagree with me, but whos outlook will help to prevent these kids from hurting themselves?

    personally i think we should have to recieve an "ok" from moderators before giving advice to ANYONE who asks about their cycle plan, especially those on the younger spectrum that are planning their first cycle...which will in all likelihood be STANDALONE DECAAAAA

  15. All the pills these companies are coming out with are a joke! Superdrol, Halodrol, and M1t are good steroids. Are they Better than anadrol or D-bol? Maybe, Maybe not. But because they are (were) legal people think it is ok to use them at any age or stage in your bodybuilding development. This is so far from the truth! If you are under 200 pounds and i don't care what height you are you should not be using steroids. You simply are not eating enough to mantain anything you gain. Look at anybody you know that is natural and over 200 pounds. I bet they eat a ton more than you. That is how you have eat in order to get big. All the big guys don't take roids to get bigger necessarily. They take them to get ripped and big. If you find a more mature board like i have you will see that sheer weight gain is not the determining factor in a successful steroid cycle. Anyone can gain ten pounds of water in 4-5 weeks. Sheet, you can do this with a good creatine/NO product and protein. All in all please stop taking all these damn orals at 160-175 pounds. Your wasting your time, money and health. If anything do a real cycle for 16-20 weeks and gain some quality mass that you might keep.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted
    i continually try to educate my family but they seem so sceptical of supplements because of the medias perception of sports supplemnts.
    They think its dangerouse because it is unknown. Mankinds greatest fear is the unknown. Think about it. UFO's, some people are afraid because they are "unidentified." Darkness scares some little children because they dont know whats there, not the darkness itself. I mean if you could contain a handfull of "darkness" and pass it to a kid who is afraid of the dark, they wouldn't run away.

    Things like binge drinking and unfiltered cigs are more dangerouse, but everyone knows what they are and have been around a long time. Something like creatine hasnt been around THAT long so people think the moon will explode or something if they take it....

    "My son got hit by a car today!"
    "Its that damn creatine!"

  17. Ive got to agree with ripped22, one of the biggest problems with these new designer steroids is the way they are advertised as safe, miracle supplements. Alot of kids get the wrong idea about them and are not informed of any of the dangers. In my mind the companies advertising their products this way and the magazines printing the ads are responsible for many of the kids getting screwed up on these new compounds.

  18. I was just watching MTV's True Life: I'm on Steroids last night. The heavy cycles these guys were running, and their rationales for running them made me shudder. I think people need to realize how trivial steroids are compared to your diet and exercise plan.
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  19. Great Read

    I just want to say that this has been one of if not the best thread I have read so far. Being that I am new to this forum community and still fairly new to aas, I wanted to say that I completely agree with the topic starter. I have been lucky to be able to be around guys older than me that have been into BB for a long time. I have never felt wierd asking questions about aas or anything like that. They were a great help at making me understand 'why' me doing one thing isnt the same as someone their age/size/condition doing it. It helped a lot because a lot of my peers that were getting into aas and talking a bunch of garbage. And when you are young 18-early 20s you can blindly listen to your peers without ever thinking twice. I just want to thank all you guys/gals out there who have helped any of the serious newbies out there that have asked real questions. Thanks

  20. I would not recommend M1T to any body...I went on for four days and became so lethargic I could barely move...

  21. Quote Originally Posted by b5150 View Post
    I can recall a time not so very long ago. A time when M1T was "extreme" in regard to its potential dangers. A time when use and mis-use was a very serious concern by many members on the board. A time when statements like; "every kid wanting to get huge will be eating this **** like candy" and was of a serious concern. Our conscienses were very finely tuned to the potential dangers of the use and abuse of these compounds by anyone, and especially young kids just coming into the BB world/sport, with very little to no training and diet experience.

    Fast forward to today. We have 20-21yr olds weighing in at 145-165lb advising other 145-165lb kids who want to get huge by doing this or that methyl. Kids who don't know how to eat or train right. Kids who have trained for the first time in their lives now wanting to take steroids.

    What happened? Where is the board conscience that used to be so prominant? Is there a board conscience?

    Please note: I am not anti steroids, nor anti kids (young men), nor anti kids on steroids. I'm sure this may offend a few too many. But surely there are some here who remember "back in the day" when we used conscience and caution when supplying advise.

    I'm sure I'm not alone here.

    this is why i left this board a long time ago. i said the same exact thing you said 6 months ago in a not so nice way. i called a couple guys out and people jumped down my back for it. look at my past posts. this board is out of contol with its abuse of oral steroids and the super walterweights that acompany it. go to an "adult" board where injects and bloodwork are the norm and you will encounter a more respected and solid knowledge base. not to mention most guys are well over 200 pounds. they flame the hell out of anyone under weight for there height that wants to use roids.

    this place has become the antithesis of what it was in the begining and i will not contribute anymore.

    anyway how is that PP,SD,havoc, trn, 6-ad,10-ad-3-ad, epi stack coming

  22. the problem is that there really isnt a solid base of people that will jump down these individual's backs when they suggest

    1. oral cycle over 4 weeks
    2. stacking multiple designer orals
    3. AI only pct
    4. starting steroids far too early

    and i wont even get started on the "pusling" method.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by colindep View Post
    Ive got to agree with ripped22, one of the biggest problems with these new designer steroids is the way they are advertised as safe, miracle supplements. Alot of kids get the wrong idea about them and are not informed of any of the dangers. In my mind the companies advertising their products this way and the magazines printing the ads are responsible for many of the kids getting screwed up on these new compounds.
    Look at these, right in your local friendly VitaminShoppe****L3-1001****L3-1003

    On sale now, get em while they are hot, and oh yeah, get them thinking they are just simple supplements. I think at least if you have to buy em online, theres more chance that you actually read something about them. The thought that yesterday I was looking at the liquid masterdrol box while I was picking up some of the store brand pro-pudding mix made me queasy. Maybe even if at least they were required to only sell it as a complete with a full PCT as a single item I'd feel better.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by b5150 View Post
    I can remember back when I first cycled androgens. I got back into training again for the first time in too long. I trained for a while and saw that I still had it. But I knew that it was consistancy and discipline that were going to get me the long term results. I spent an entire year researching androgens while perfecting my diet and training. After that year I did my first cycle. It was Nor-ADerm. Anyone even remember what that is? I then gradually proceded to 1,4dione and finally a 1T/4AD cycle. This progression took about a year. I cycled a few more 1T/4AD cycles before the "goods" started hitting the boards.
    That's the thing, it's all about the access. I'll bet when you did your research (I'm assuming pre-instant internet), it was hard to find, you had to work for it. You had to work to perfect your diet and training. It was hard, as anything worth going after is hard. Hard - a word that seems to be absent this day and age as the world vehemently tries to eliminate it (note to world - you will never eliminate hard).

    Nowadays, any kid wanting to look like a 300 (the movie) extra can log on and within seconds find information (likely misinformation) on these easily accessible methyl steroids. Unless they can critically think and analyze (which seems to be lost on this newer generation) their "research" amounts to nothing more than some other, slightly more experienced kid telling them to "go for it".

    Now, being a Libertarian I believe in our freedom of access to things like this - but they need to have some kind of detailed post cycle therapy advisory on these products, or include a PCT "kit" with them. If for nothing else that it may prevent some Johnny rich kid from irreparably damaging himself with one of these - filing a lawsuit, and getting a permanent ban on all "muscle building supplements" (think Belcher and Ephedra). Just my 2 pennies.



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