Self Fulfilling Prophecies and methyl steroids

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  1. 20 and under are all over the PH forum...
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by MaDmaN
    I told him about my liver problems...We talked for an hour I linked him to anobolics forum and my thread ...
    I must have missed this, could someone post tha link or help me in becoming a better fisherman?

  3. You are right Deodus and it is is not going to get any better.. but the whole thing is it the responsible thing to do to tell these younger guys how to do things.. I am not going to sit here and think that all of them are going to listen to us but if we all get on the same page of music then over time, I hope the overall attitude toward PH's in general will be come one of understanding before use and that diet and training need to be tight before you jump on to the PH or AAS wagon..

  4. I agree with what in principle with what b5150 has said but what can you really do to combat it? All the information is at their fingertips and all they want to know is how much to take and for how long. I wish when I was coming up I had access to the resources that are available now. I guess as I get older I'm becoming more cynical about a lot of things but when it comes down to it, I just think things will sort themselves out regarding this issue. For some it will be good, but for most it will be negative.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Brodus
    The net result of the "they're going to do it anyway" approach is more f-ed up kids, not less. The 5% that do it right at a young age would have done it right without your help, b/c they can read/research and apply knowledge.

    Epiphyseal Growth Plates don't need a lot of encouragement to start closing, and I would never in a million years tell a kid there is a "safe" way to cycle, b/c I don't believe there is, based on the extensive research I have done since my early 20s.

    Why does everyone get so pu$$y and afraid to tell a kid what's up? Is that your idea of good role modeling? The 90s sensitive bull****, that assumes we're all born with paper-thin skin and fragile egos? How many coaches of professional teams take that approach. If you've been an athlete of any level of success, you know the answer, it's ZERO...Strong people respond to strength. I don't give a f--- what happens to the rest, b/c they don't matter in my equation. If a kid can't handle reality, why change it to make him/her feel better...just so you can save face and appear cool? That's lame.
    I agree with you Brodus,A very big pet peeve of mine is the attitude alot of parents have these days..."kid will be kids", "you know how kids are".letting the school systems and government, and everybody else take responsibillity..I as a parent feel it is MY responsibility to educate my children on anything and everything,sex, drugs whatever, and with the relationship we have built,(and it is an ongoing building process) they know they can come to me,(and my wife) and if I don't have the answer, I will research or look for it with can some people not even have a clue what going on in their own childs life is beyond me.

  6. Advertising reigns supreme over safety and truth
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    Advertising reigns supreme over safety and truth
    ahh yes, and the younger ones are an untapped market...look at how many prescriptions of anti depresants are now for children.

    I Love Laurie Dhue

  8. Fox News got some hot chics working for em.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BigBadBootyDady
    Fox News got some hot chics working for em.
    her voice makes me quiver...what was this post about again?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by willieman
    her voice makes me quiver...what was this post about again?
    What thread? Playboy needs to do a "GIRLS OF FOX NEWS" issue.

  11. <rant>

    Just wanted to bump this for some more awareness and/or to stir things up again.

    There has been a slew of "Tomorrow I'm starting 'such and such cycle' and I was wondering............"

    I know that we discussed the virtues of teaching and sharing before. I am still of the school of thought:
    Quote Originally Posted by b5150
    "We can feed them fish, or teach them to be fishermen"
    If you are wondering...then the only thing you should be starting is research.


  12. There seems to be an influx with the impending ban of newbies (not to be condescending) asking these sorts of questions. I have no problem helping it's when they don't help themselves that I have a problem with. Or when they show an attitude b/c they "heard" something otherwise.

  13. BUMP!!!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    No the overall tone of the board has not changed but we as admin and mods need help to combat this.. I have been banning and correcting a ton more than I used to lately so please feel free to correct misconceptions and address anything you feel needs to be addressed.
    Last edited by B5150; 09-14-2005 at 01:00 PM.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    reading this thread reminds me that most of the issues discussed in this thread over a year ago are even more relevant today. with the influx of designer steroids into the market it's hard for people to differentiate between a harmful and a useless product. Just open up FLEX and look in the back. you'll see ads for methyl this and 17aa that mixed in with the usual muscletech garbage and the other useless supplements.

  16. Agreed. Good idea bumping the thread B. Very relevant.

  17. I missed this thread the first time around. I am very proud to read it though. Don't laugh, I manage a Hollister Clothing store. I play big, big brother to 75 odd kids. I deal with poor decision making youths all the time. Kids doing what they do, jumping into an unfilled pool.

    It will always be difficult to balance the successful athlete who is driven to research, and the kid who wants quick easy answers. I feel it is our duty to show a better path. Instead of saying DO MORE RESEARCH!!! (Followed by please lay off the caps!) I try to write down the key words. Sometimes we can answer the same question in a sentence, sometimes we can show the right path in a sentence.

    In my youth I would have given anything to have known about a board like AM. We don't provide answers here, we illuminate paths. We show you the door. The answers must come from you in the end.

    This board is full of people who have asked themselves many of the same questions, and searched many of the same questions. And so it is our purpose, to show others- the way it is done.

    The mods do a great, tough job here. Balancing law, ethics, and mass amounts of info. I try to treat everyone here as though I know them. A community that looks out for the most jacked and inspiring, to the hungriest and perspiring. I take pride in using and sharing what I learn here. I'm proud to be a member. End of rant, sob, snot, cough...

    Am I my brother's keeper? Yes I am.
    My The 1 LOG:

  18. Good thread! I hope the people who read this realize one thing. There is NO substitute for hard work and diet. It took me four years to realize this myself. What you do now will effect you down the road. I guess this is my two cents: if you think you are 100% sure you know what your doing, do more research.

  19. yeah, incredibly relevant stuff. Good for all to review (or see for the first time!) Props to AM and all who dwell herein!

  20. Youth is wasted on the young....I wish I knew then what I know now.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Brfish
    Youth is wasted on the young....I wish I knew then what I know now.
    What do you know now?

  22. "I wish to God I didn't know now the things I didn't know then"

  23. Bump...

    ...for the boat-load of newbie posts that flood this place with the surge of the newbie OTC methylated steroids and ban rumors.

    Keep this in mind when many of us are not as excited as some of you are when the newest and best-est steroid is made available at all our favorite retail outlets.

    Or when you start a thread that says, dudes...I'm stocking up...what should I get.

    Remember, we're the dummies...not you.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by B5150


    Fast forward to today. We have 20-21yr olds weighing in at 145-165lb advising other 145-165lb kids who want to get huge by doing this or that methyl. Kids who don't know how to eat or train right. Kids who have trained for the first time in their lives now wanting to take steroids.


    2 huge problems in my generation. (i'm 17)

    1. Work ethic, or lack of. This leads into problem #2
    2. Jealousy

    Problem #1) Your DAMN RIGHT when you say kids these days are lazy. I agree. We have everything handed to us. 80% of us either go home and sleep or play XBOX for hours after school.

    This isnt just on a physical level. How in the hell is India and China pumping out better students out of college than the US? Not like we dont have the technology, were just lazy.

    Problem #2) Why do islamic terrorist hate us? There jealous of your country. We have supermarkets and movies, they have sand, and more sand.

    Why did hitler hate the jews? Jealousy. They had money, they (the nazi party) didn't.

    Why do kids my age want to take roids? This is more complicated. Basically, they see big kids like me and the get, you guessed it, jealous. They respond in 1 of 4 ways.

    1) Work ethic- re-read my above passages if you that thats going to happen a lot.

    2) denial- "That kid is only big because he takes steroids" they think, so they give up before they even start to get in shape.

    3) they get desperate- They take seroids/ph's

    4) worst of all, a deep, dark depression- Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of those under 21. I'm willing to bet that most of these are caused by poor body image.

    This would all be prevented if kids wernt so damn lazy.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    Advertising reigns supreme over safety and truth

    What do you mean, if its on TV, its gotta be true


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