Need Some Opinions...

  1. Need Some Opinions...

    Hey all!

    So here's the deal, I'm currently on cycle, E-stane and P-stanz. Its the 4th week of my 6 weeker and I haven't had any negative side to report of complain about. With that being said, through no fault but my own, I managed to delay the start of this cycle so that I now find myself in need of some friendly advice. This weekend is my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary as well as my grandmother's birthday. I am making a toast for the party/dinner we are throwing them and I may need to consume a glass of wine.

    Now normally I never, not even a sip drink while on cycle, bu this is a rare occasion. so here's my question, will one glass of wine do considerable damage? Thoughts please! And sorry for rambling, I just like to cover my bases

  2. It won't kill you. Although I wouldnt recommend it. All in all it shouldnt noticeably damage your gains. I am not giving you a license to drink but one glass of wine won't kill you.
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  3. One glass won't hurt , just don't make it a bottle-sized glass Congrats to your grandparents as well. Mine got married on my grandma's brithday too

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  4. Thanks for the feedback! I don't plan on going crazy or anything. Its great milestone in their lives together

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