Ph storage!

  1. Exclamation Ph storage!

    So I want to start buying my "supplys" for my next cycle and was wondering the best method of storing SERMS and PH's to extend shelve life.(note:won't be opening for a bit maybe a month or 2)I want this information not just for this cycle but for future cycles aswell.knowledge is power.

  2. Somewhere cool, dark, and dry. I've had a bottle o Nolva liquid for several years, and it seems to have kept its potency... I only use it if I get a random gyno flare...

  3. If you have an oven, you can store them on there.
    Or if there is a local crematorium, just keep them in there.
    You could also buy a furnace.
    Those are all great for storing.

    On a true note:
    Freezers are ideal.
    I just keep mine in a box in the closet.
    Somewhere cool and dry.
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  4. Yep, cool and dry! The expiration date on these products really just refers to how long they are predicted to remain at 100% potency. It's very hard for steroids/PH's to start to degrade under normal conditions unless you expose them to a severe amount of heat. As with SERMS, keep them out of direct sunlight and you'll be fine for ages.

  5. I'm in texas.being cold is unusual.Although I think I'll use the icebox part and not the freezer.Plastic bin,back of ice box.Kind of like evidence from a crime scene remember to plastic wrap the severed hand.(I just watched season finale of dexter,excuse the randomness)

  6. I keep everything in a cool dry dark place. And that has worked great for me. I do not know if I could recommend the fridge or freezer. I have not seen any actual factual evidence to back those up. Do the companies store and ship these products in such conditions?? I feel like people relate these in similar ways to food and conclude freezing or fridge would be best, but this may not be the case. These are chemicals and extreme changes in temp can often alter the nature of them. This can even be the case for foods. You wouldn't put bananas in the fridge unless you wanted them to ripen black so you could make banana bread maybe. Just thought.
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