Questions about M-drol

  1. Questions about M-drol

    I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on with CELs M-drol. I understand that it was discontinued but I can't find it on eBay and I'm not sure the legality of it. It used to be only $30 and I'm sure people still have bottles around I don't understand how there is almost none available. On a side note I loved that stuff and honestly felt almost no sides compared to sides from havoc and h-drol.

  2. it is just superdrol... there are many legit superdrols still out there, just search for the active ingredient


    or superdrol

    and you should find what you want...

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  3. It's called "stockpiled". Wait until an actual "ban date" is released and have your credit card ready, and get ready to PAY. Everyone who is sitting on their own huge supply will cash in. This happened when P plex and Spawn got whacked. They went from $29-$49, to over $100. I've got plenty if I can keep my dog out of my stash

  4. I have an expired bottle.
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