Helladrol Upset Stomach.. NEED HELP ASAP

  1. Helladrol Upset Stomach.. NEED HELP ASAP

    Hey guys im on day 5 of my helladrol cycle and i have upset stomach bad! after the first day i took it i thought i had the flu! so maybe that might be the reason for my "bubble guts" but idk... i took a day off and didnt take it and felt better the next day... took it for two more days in a row and the bubble guts are back.... getting some headache action too... what could i be doing wrong? taking two caps with breakfast and one with dinner right now... please reply asap

  2. I am no substitute for a doctor, or just someone who could actually check up on you physically so I will only speculate that you aren't running proper support supps, or your liver/kidneys are just not having a good time. Mainly because whatever the bubble gut is, I assume it's bloating. Your either not clearing enough waste products from your body, OR you're just eating too much when you take Helladrol.
    I don't remember exactly but I think Helladrol might make you retain some water and puff up your mid section a bit. Specially if you have fat there. I know on Beastdrol/superdrol I bloat up almost instantly.... different for everyone. If it's REALLY bothering you then stop and run a light PCT.
    Also, what is your diet like? WHat are you taking it with as far as food? And could you list what OTHER supps/meds you are taking ?
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  3. haha bubble gut isnt bloating.... i just have upset stomach and am in the bathroom every three seconds...

  4. Wow... I have never had that kind of reaction from Any PH.... only thing that did that to me was when I had an allergic reaction to a type of fish commonly eaten here in Japan...

    Well, the choice is yours lol. Live with the shi!ts or just get off and do a short PCT.
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  5. I HIGHLY doubt that helladrol is causing this... if anything, try to lower your dose to 50mg and see if that works... what exactly are you taking along with it and what are you eating as well? i need more information to help...

  6. Yeah i've never heard of this either....you might just have something else going on

  7. all right... thanks for the input guys. I really think it was just the stomach flu kicking in but im fighting it off... Ive asked around and people said it has been going around so and like I said, I had flu symptoms the first day so im sure itll go away... just wanted to make sure i wasnt doing something wrong.... thanks everyone!

  8. Hdrol clones kill my gall bladder. Ive tried 3 times. I had to stop after a week or two every time. Epi, sd, even m1t, no problem
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