Liquidex as effective as Arimidex?

  1. Post Liquidex as effective as Arimidex?

    hey everyon

    I'm getting ready for my first cycle in June (all going to plan)

    So i've been asking around about Arimidex to use while on cycle but it seems like its gonna be hard come by
    and can be quite expensive(if obtainable) . So i was wondering if Liquidex (research chems) is as good/effective as Arimidex as an AI.

    thanks Frankie

  2. As long as the supplier is legit, its the same stuff just in a liquid suspension instead of a pill.

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  3. thanks MB

    been looking at a few research companies with good feedback so hopefully it won't be bunk.

  4. its same thing
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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