8 week cycle please advise

  1. 8 week cycle please advise

    Please help me. I was thinking of running m1,4add for 4wks then m1t w/ 4ad for 4wks with 8 wks of nolva. Is this ok? i know the methl products are hard on the liver.

    5'9" 210 10-12%bf 36 yrs. old
    I've been training for aprox 20yrs. hard for 15.
    I've taken alot of andro product over the years along w/ m1t-4ad 8 weeks ago
    diet pretty clean aprox 200grams protien a day.

    I have left over m1t that's why i was wondering about this cycle. I can go with 1test if you guys think that is better. please help.thanks

  2. I would not recommend 8 straight weeks of hardcore methyls, you'd be asking for trouble. Why not pick 1 of the 2 methyls & run it with a 1-test/4ad stack(or some non-methyl) or 4 weeks, then continue with just the 1-test/4ad?

    You really need to increase your protein intake, especially on-cycle. I'd say at least 300g off cycle & closer to 350-400g on cycle.

    You need more time off for your HPTA to recover if you just came off M1t 8 weeks ago. I'd see a minimum of 4 more weeks off.

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    Thanks for the advice. I was thinking on those lines also. I have been off the m1t / 4ad for 4weeks now. That was a 4wk cycle. Do you belive I should go another 4 wks befor starting another cycle?

  4. wait 6 weeks if you can stand it.
    do you think your fully recovered, what was your PCT?
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  5. I agree with Longdog. Pick one methyl and stack it with a non. I've tried a cycle where I switched different methyls, however not stacked, and did not like it. That was just me though. I'm a frm believer in K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid).

    8 weeks is a long cycle when methyls are concerned. If you choose to run M1,4AD, try running it for 6 weeks. If M1T, there are many different cycles. Personally, I like running it for 4 weeks stacked with a 4AD/OHT dermal.

    Also, your protein intake should be about 2 grams per pound of your LBM.

  6. nolva for 4wks 40-40-20-20

  7. If you want full recovery, & to maximize gains on the next cycle- wait 8-10 weeks after your PCT. Assuming you ran a 4-week PCT after the M1t, I'd wait 8 more before starting another cycle.

    M1t causes hardcore shutdown almost instantly, 4 weeks of it shut me down harder than any other cycle. Just because it's a short cycle (4 weeks) in relation to long AAS cyces (12+ weeks), does not mean you are shut down any less.

  8. I had good results with the m1t/4ad stack. will I have similar results with m1,4add?

  9. Thanks longdog. Other forums stated this was the place to go for info on ph/proseroids.


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