Injectable 4ad or transdermal test base?

  1. Question Injectable 4ad or transdermal test base?

    I just got off a 4 week cycle of custom m4ohn. Went from 190 to 200 from the product during this period. Also noticed a bit of thinning out/ body recomp happening. My girlfriend was actually the first to notice this about 2 weeks into the cycle. I experienced no sides worth mentioning. PCT so far has been a dream, I stepped on the scale today and weighed 5 pounds more than I did the day I came off . I have been using custom nolva at 30 mgs a day and 6 oxo at 300 mgs a day along with 100 mcgs a day of some leftover lion clen I had lying around. I have been off for about two weeks and I am already planning my next cycle, which brings me to my question.

    I have been readin up on converting synovex h into test base. I sure wouldn't want to inject it because I personally would be very worried about injecting contaminants (i.e. unreacted reagents etc.) into my body. So this really only leaves me with the option of using a transdermal delivery route. This leaves me with less absorption because of the chosen delivery route. HOWEVER I have also read a lot about injecting 4ad and how at high doses injectable 4ad gives close to 80 percent of the effect of test. However with this option I would only be able to use either 4ad base or a cypionate ester (which I am somewhat hesitant to do because I would like to be able to halt the cycle if I experience undesireable sides). Boy I wish i had bought some of sledge's 4ad prop while he had it

    Is it possible to inject the 4ad every other day or would i need to inject every day to keep a constant hormone level? Also which between injectable 4ad base/cypionate and transdermal test would give me superior gains?

  2. Sledge is going to be releasing some more steriles soon so you could get some 1-test cyp and 4 ad cyp and possibly sledge test if he makes more of that.

  3. BTW if anyone is curious about my M4ohn dosages I was using 20mgs per day which I hear is slightly below average... seems like it worked well for me though so I see no need to raise the dosages. Anyone out there with some insight regarding the test base trans vs. injectable 4ad? BTW sledge if youre reading this go ahead and feel free to make a batch of 4ad prop whenever you're ready.

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