P-Mag Discontinued?

  1. P-Mag Discontinued?

    Has P-Mag been discontinued? Its not long on amazon, and the only sites I've seen it on are "error 404"

    Also another site says its discontinued under the "Add To Cart"

  2. There are clones still around at various sites just need to look.

  3. Hard Rock Supplements Pro Mag 25 is a legit clone. It's funny how the label is almost exactly like CEL.

    I'd be more interested in Stano-drol clones.....

  4. I meant the ACTUAL p-mag, i know there are many clones, but is the legitimate CEL P-mag discountinued?

  5. I'm fairly certain that CEL got completely out of the OTC AAS/PH business. Anything out there would be left overs with the last batch expiration of 10/2012.

  6. I just received 4 bottles of CEL pro mag on friday. There are still some sites that have it if you look around, but, yes, CEL is out of that biz now.


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