ideal dosage for max LMG/orastane stack

  1. ideal dosage for max LMG/orastane stack

    Planning a recomp. Cycle. Need help with ideal dosages. Planning it like this: max lmg- 30/60/90/90. Orastan 50/100/200/200. Have all my pct covered. Just want to know if this dosages need to be higher or lower? Oh yeah, stacking the two together. Any inputs helps.

  2. I wouldn't choose max lmg for a recomp bro. Epi will stack soo much better with furaza, and so would hdrol. You'll have to run the furaza at higher dose though, 300 mg and up would b nice.

  3. Can I run hdrol for 8 wks at say 50mg max? With orastane

  4. I'd only do the hdrol for 6 weeks at 75/75/75/100/100/100 and the orastan 8 weeks if u have the cash at 300/300/350/350/400/400.

  5. Sorry I mean 300/300/350/350/400/400/450/450



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