How do you know if ur shut down.

  1. How do you know if ur shut down.

    I just got off 400mg1ad 7004ad for four weeks i feel like my system
    is back to normal how do you know or can you know. Should i exirment pct
    naturaly with just trib, zma no nolva or 6-oxo even thou i have both.

  2. No do a normal pct with nolva. You can't tell if you are shut down.. you just are

  3. I read somewhere that the morning hard-on could be a hint if u got enough free test but I think that you should anyway do a pct.

  4. I would have to agree with Mathew. Risking losing your gains and possibly other side effects aren't worth it. Responsible use is the only way to go.

  5. Yea i get about 3 random hard ons between waking up and b-fast.
    But ill just do normal pct with my nol

  6. Your testosterone does so much much much much much much MUCH, more than give you "random boners."

    Some people never lose a single hair while on a heavily androgenic cycle. Some people never get Deca-Dick while on a Deca only cycle, and some people still get "random boners" even when they are heavily supressed.

    Point is, do your post-cycle. Don't let your penis be your guide.

    EDIT: Also, I wanted to make another point on why you absolutely NEED to do PCT.

    Lets say your testosterone is only 30-40% supressed at the end of a cycle. Depending on your genetics, this level of supression might be just enough for you to have normal sexual function. So you say, "Hey why should I waste my PCT now when I can just save it for later!"

    But just cause your sexual function is fine, your testosterone is still only working at 30-40% capacity. Your body DOES NOT think that is good enough. So what will it do? Your body will make dramatic increases in estrogen levels to compensate for the low testosterone.

    Although you *probably* will eventually recover to 100%. All that time spent with overly high estrogen levels will most likely result in GYNO!

    In my opinion the #1 cause of *silent gyno is skipping PCT.
    *The kind of gyno that sneaks up on you. The kind you never notice, and then bam! All the sudden you got permenent funbags.

    Once again... Don't let your penis be your guide.


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