1. Symptoms..

    Well I am only on my 3rd day of beastdrol and occasionally I will get a slight tenderness in my chest.

    Its not near my nipple, but right under my left pec minor.

    Is this anything significant or am i just being a p**sy.. lolol

    I think I am just being paranoid since I am only 3 days in, but I figured I should ask.
    I have ran superdrol before but have never gotten any symptom like this.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    it aint gyno if thats what ur askin. 3 days ain't long enough. i did some synovex one time that still had some estrogen left in it and i didn't get gyno until after a month of being on it. besides, beastdrol wont aromatise.
    Very good point buddy.
    Thank you haha
    I am just paranoid, not used to pains such as these.
    They are not consistent, just occasional.

    Thank you!

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