1. cutting/leaning

    hi there! Need some cutting to do so I wondered what could I use, I have clen, methyl-d, metacort and of course nolva for the pct (in case i do the md). Any advice on stacking these ones above - should I or should I not etc? I was thinking about either metacort+clen or methyl-d+metacort - does it make sense? (The idea of using metacort is because of the 7-keto-dhea)

  2. You could do somthing like this:

    MD & Metacort Weeks 1-4
    Clen Weeks 1-2 & 5-6
    Nolva Week 5-7

    Of course diet is the most important factor, though.

  3. sure, plan sth like 2300-2500 kcal/day, high protein & cardio too

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