Hi everyone,

New to the forums, so this would be a good time to introduce myself. I'm Mike, 23 currently living in St. Pete, FL.
I usually never sign up on forums due to so many *******s but I notice here there are a lot of cool people here and with valid and great information. ANYWAYS.

So, I've been working out for 4-5 years, and about 8 months I just lost a lot of motivation and had a mild case of depression (yeah yeah) and lost a lot of weight. Well, I been reading here for awhile now and I know SD isn't the best as a first cycle but I must say I had such a great run. Very limited side effects, and gained around ~15+ lbs in a 4 week 10/20/20/20. but I notice the last couple of days (which is now) i'm starting to lose some weight and not really feel like eating no matter what. Is this common? And kind of feel 'iffy' not happy, not sad, just mellow I guess... But I really want to retain this weight so i'm going to do my best when the cycle is over to eat as much as I can (lean of course).

I'm keeping my PCT pretty simple for this run: 40/20/10/10 Nova and PES Erase + my V-Guard Vitamin and of course my Liv52. (I guess i'll see how this goes). But like I said, I had a great overall experience with SD and would def. try it again. It feels great to gain the weight I lost and less fat. And I REALLY notice my bench press increase in the 2nd week which was awesome. Only complaint, which is common I heard, is being overly sore/sore joints.. maybe pushing myself too hard in the gym and not enough rest? So next time i'll def. but adding extra BCAA's and Joint supplements.

Just if anyone was wondering my supplements were:
Fish Oil
Muscle Pharm VGuard or Orange Tridad
Creatine (simple)
Xtend (if I had any)
4 scoops of Whey/Casein throughout the day.
Didn't take any Hawthorn Berries my BP was great during the whole cycle even with my
3 scoops of Jack3d or Hemo Rage.
Liv 52.

Might be forgetting a few but thats the majority.

Now, how long should I wait till I start my next cycle and what would you perfer since I had a great experience with SD? I don't want to do anything to crazy such as real gear, erbut something maybe a little bit strong or (something to add to SD)

Alright guys, sorry for the novel for a post, but i'll def. be posting here from now on. Nice to meet all of you.