S1+ and M1T, how should i run it??

  1. Question S1+ and M1T, how should i run it??

    I was planning on starting a m1T and super1+ cycle on monday.

    My main reason for using M1T as well is to jump start my gain because from what i've heard it takes a few weeks before the super 1 kicks in.

    I was going to try to run the m1t for the duration of the cycle (4 weeks), but i dont know if i can handle the lowerback tightness.

    So i was thinking about running the m1t either at 5mg's for 4 weeks, or run it for 2-3 weeks and run m5aa pre workout on the off time.

    Ideally i would like to run all 3, but it might be to much for the liver.
    Also i would like to run the m5aa for its anti E properties.

    super 1+ 4 weeks. Double dosed
    m1t-10mg's 4 weeks
    m5aa pre workout 4 weeks

    PCT will be Nolva, i also have clomid, and will be using clen.

    As far as stats
    5-8 about 180 at around 8%
    Im 20, and i have done two m1t cycles (2.5 and 3 weeks)

    LBM gain. Slowly raise cals, im 5 weeks out of dieting.

    Clean food

    Protien-2-2.5 grams per lb lbm
    Fat- .4 grams per pound of lbm
    Carbs- starting at 200grams a day, increasing 50 grams per week.

    Will be training 6x's per week, Main focus is bringing up my chest.
    Maybe Submission wrestling 1 time, and i have a silly kickboxing class which isnt much.

    Thoughts and oppinions are appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Too long man, im not going to get into how you should wait till 21. But only go 2week max on M1T after the s1+. I'd just do the S1+ by itself, 4 weeks pct, M1T 4 weeks, 10weeks off...
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  3. if youve never used ph's before i would say you should be fine on s1+ by itself. im currently on my first cycle of s1+ alone and i am having great results. i thought about stacking or running something else but after listening to deoudes and a few others i didnt and i am happy. im about 2.5 weeks into a 5 week cycle and i have gained 13lbs and would say most of it is muscle, my waist is the same and im looking more defined and harder.

  4. 1st cycles are always amazing no matter what compound you use
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  5. yes i have been extremely happy so far, if i do a 1test/4ad dermal again though i think i will make my own in a gel. thats my only complaint because one of the bottles i got leaked like crazy out of the sprayer and im sure waisted some.

  6. This is not my first cycle. I Stated i had done 2 m1t cycles before, 1 for 3 weeks, and 1 for 18 days. I've also done mag-10 mdein 4 derm, M4ohn.


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