1. Avodart

    I am posting this thread here because most people come to this section. My question is anyone using Avodart for hairloss? And if you are, are you shedding more then normal? The reason I am asking is that over on Hairsite.com some people are repoting massive shedding and some people are not. Hairsite is noted for the trolls running around so I just want an opinion I can trust. YJ you mentioned some guys you knew were on it, how are they doing?

  2. Hey brother....sorry I missed this one.....

    My last update is from a little after I posted that original thread on Avodart.... he says he gives it two thumbs up and likes it a lot, but I must warn you, he's not using just Avodart. He's combining it with Nizoral also.

  3. Thanks for the update YJ. It seems to be working really well for a lot of people as posted at Hairsite.com. I am going to combine it with nizoral and 5% minox with RA. When i do my cycle i am going to use the following:

    5% Xandrox
    5% spiro(topical)
    1.5 Flutamide (topical)

    YJ do you use anything to combat the Hairloss? And do you think that Avodart will have negative influence with 1-T?

  4. I dont have any hair brother

    I have a thick head of hair, I just buzz cut it. I have used Nizoral when I had hair and taking in high doses of androgens. I would assume Avodart would be fine with 1-T. The guy I exchange PMs with is a heavy AAS user and they do not negate the effects of anabolics, so I believe you'll be fine.

  5. Avodart will do nothing to prevent hair loss from 1-test. The only things is would help with is test and androdiol.

    If using topical flutamide, I hope you stocked up on anti-e's. Otherwise you should look into getting a mansiere.

  6. The hairloss prevention master, I stand corrected. Thanks brother.

  7. No problem

  8. Hmmm you may be right about the Flutamide (topical). I'll have to think about this...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Dio
    Avodart will do nothing to prevent hair loss from 1-test. The only things is would help with is test and androdiol.
    I don't know about Avodart and 1-test, but I think finasteride will help with 1-test or any other steroid (except Deca) because it's activity upon the caspase gene (1)

    1: J Cutan Med Surg. 2002 Jan-Feb;6(1):1-9. Epub 2002 Jan 09.Related Articles, Links

    Effects of finasteride on apoptosis and regulation of the human hair cycle.

    Sawaya ME, Blume-Peytavi U, Mullins DL, Nusbaum BP, Whiting D, Nicholson DW, Lotocki G, Keane RW.

    ARATEC Research, Ocala, Florida 34478, USA. [email protected]

    BACKGROUND: A number of studies have provided evidence that apoptosis is a central element in the regulation of hair follicle regression. In androgenetic alopecia (AGA), the exact location and control of key players in the apoptotic pathways remains obscure. OBJECTIVE: In the present study, we used a panel of antibodies and investigated the spatial and cellular pattern of expression of caspases and inhibitors of apoptosis (IAPs), such as XIAP and FLIP, in men with normal scalp and in men with AGA before and after 6 months of treatment with 1 mg oral finasteride treatment. METHODS AND RESULTS: Constitutive expression of caspases-1, -3, -8, and -9 and XIAP was detected predominantly within the isthmic and infundibular hair follicle area, basilar layer of the epidermis, and eccrine and sebaceous glands. AGA-affected tissues showed an increase in caspase (-1, -3, -6, -9) immunoreactivity with a concomitant decrease in XIAP staining. After 6 months of finasteride treatment, both caspases and XIAP were similar to levels exhibited by normal subjects. Immunoblot analysis was performed to determine antibody specificity and cellular expression of caspases. Purified populations of keratinocytes, melanocytes, dermal papilla, and dermal fibroblasts derived from human hair follicles were cultured in vitro and treated with 0.5 mm staurosporin. Time-course experiments revealed that processing of caspase-3 is a principal event during apoptosis of these hair cell types. CONCLUSION: These data suggest that alterations in levels of caspases and IAPs regulate hair follicle homeostasis. Moreover, finasteride appears to influence caspase and XIAP expression in hair follicle cells thus signaling anagen, active growth in the hair cycle


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