Critic Cycle (SD Kicker+Hdrol+11oxo+Stano)+(T3? )

  1. Critic Cycle (SD Kicker+Hdrol+11oxo+Stano)+(T3? )

    This will be the first time running a kick start. I've seen a few people running SD as a kicker to either an Epi/Halo cycle. Curious to as to the results running the SD as far as dosage and length. Leaning towards in between a cut and recomp cycle but, more towards a cut.

    This is my first time running HDROL but, it will be my 5th cycle. Also will be my first time running 11OXO as a bridge into PCT. Alot of new firsts on this cycle!

    I have set this up so far:

    SD: 10/20/20
    HDROL: 75/100/100/100/100/100
    11OXO: 1g/1g/1g/1g/1g/1g/1g/1g
    Stano: 600/600/750/750/750/750

    T3: ???

    Too much on the HDROL? Should I run the SD for 4 weeks instead of 3? Or lower the HDROL to 75mg during the weeks of SD but, extending it to 4 weeks? Also I decided to incorporate a VERY low dose of T3 throughout the cycle starting at 25mcg/day but, no more than

  2. i wouldnt stack the SD together with the halo for the first 3 weeks. typically with a bridge type of cycle, you dont start the ph thats going to being you to the end of the cycle (the halo) until the last week of the the ph that is used to start the cycle (sd in this case). reason being that stacking 2 methyls for a few weeks, particularly with SD, is pretty dam harsh.
    so for example:
    SD: 10/20/20
    stano and 11 oxo can probably run the entire time

    the issue with bridging into halo is that it takes a long time to kick in, which is why epi is more frequently used for this. however, with the 11 oxo and stano being in full swing by the time you come off the SD, it might still pan out smoothly
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  3. Yea running both sd and hdrol at that dose is pretty rough. I would bridge. Last week of sdrol add the hdrol then just run hdrol. The other two supps are gonna help maintain that base line of strength and mass when sdrol is stopped.
    Looks like a nice cycle man. Have fun.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  4. Thanks guys.....Ok that does sound a lot safer to me but, wouldn't there be a lull when I stop the SD? I understand even though running the Stano+11OXO those usually take some time to kick in as well. My initial thought was since HDROL doesn't kick to around week 3 one should add the kicker to replace those, but like I said this is my first time using HDROL so I could be wrong.

    I'll play it safe and bridge the SD into HDROL and adjust dosages via sides. I agree with you on the EPI it does tend to quick in very early from what I noticed, somtimes I feel in week one!! Possibly placebro though haha......I'll have to try that next cycle.

    Any thought on the T3 running low dose for 6 weeks? I've done 2 week cycles ramping up to 125mcg and back down along with Clen but, never for this length. Also I didn't run it with any AAS/ph previously but, I was assuming this cycle might be strong enough to maintain muscle mass.

  5. Normally ppl will kick off a test cycle with something like sdrol. Or some have been using Sdrol in line with the Andro series stuff because they are non methyl. I think its more like you are kickstarting your 11oxo and stano cycle with sdrol, then finishing it off with hdrol lol. Running stacked methyls is pretty rough on the body. I have never run T3, but I think that amount of AAS/PH will be enough to fend off catabolism from T3 IF your diet is on.
    If you do stack the two then I would load up on TUCDA, and for now run something like Need2Guard for 2 weeks and keep it up the whole cycle.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  6. when people run a bridge cycle of this nature, the SD isnt there to really there for a little boost while waiting for the second compound to kick in, the mind set is that the second compound, following SD, is intended to maintain and solidify the gains made on the SD. reason for this is that sudden and significant gains, such as those seen with SD, are very difficult to keep if you just ran a 3 wk cycle and then start pct. so, the role of halo, in this case, is to help you keep those SD gains and if you gain a little extra, thats a nice bouns. as matt mentioned above, this type of cycle is a little different then the typical SD "kicker" used during a test cycle. if you want to run a low dose T3, go for it, just be careful and make sure you ramp up and back down.
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