immune system

  1. immune system

    while i was on my cycle i felt great and didnt really worry about getting sick, but now that i am 3 weeks into my pct i cant seem to beat this damn cold....i thought it was going away last week and then came back 3 days my question is do phs or things like nolva destroy your immune sysyem b/c this is going on three weeks now and i need to get back in the gym!!

  2. tattoopierced1
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    I have the same issue..seems like a beefed up cold, been on PCT for about a week now and i am constantly dizzy and stopped up. I'm taking Nolva as well..I just hope this goes away soon...I was fine while on cycle as well..

  3. could it be the nolva then ?
  4. tattoopierced1
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    i have no idea...

  5. I doubt that it's the nolva. People have mentioned getting sick during pct, it's realted IMO to when people get sick on cycle.



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