puffy felt after shot?

  1. puffy felt after shot?

    Anyone ever get this after a intra-muscle inject. It's not red, or infected.I'm thinking its the air, pushing some air in always helps spread it the juice out and prevent any of it leaking out.

  2. ****, *delt. Autocorrect always thinks it knows best..

  3. I've never pushed air in, and this is the first time I've heard it talked about like it is a good thing to do.

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  4. There should be NO air in the syringe when injecting. This is extremely dangerous. Clear all bubbles first and aspirate always. The puffiness is probably just the gear.
    Remember why you started.

  5. Well I took a class over the summer where they were teaching how to give intra-muscular injections. The doctor actually said to keep a bubble in the syringe.

    He said to push the bubble in and when you hear it go in, you pull the syringe out.

    It's supposedly an optimum strategy.
    Because you know for sure you're pushing out everything from the syringe.

    It seems that it would only be dangerous if you injected it directly into a vein/artery. Then you're fked.

    But whatever floats your boat I guess. I've seen it done with and without the bubble.

    Just make sure to aspirate before you ever consider pushing the bubble in.
    Quote Originally Posted by Level9Germ
    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  6. I know what you mean and what your trying to say about the air bubble. Your not supposed to inject the bubble , it should only be enough air to clear the syringe and the sound you hear is the air bubble going into the small chamber (where you attache the needle)between the syringe main chamber and the needle but not passing thru the needle. If you fill the the syringe to the proper measured lines say "0" line to the "2ml" line then you'll notice a little gap of air when you hold the syringe needle pointed up. Before you inject point the needle down and tap air to the top near plunger press a little thru the needle to clear it until u see a drop of medicine at the tip then perform injection. Thats the method I use after researching it after noticing a bit of juice left I The syringe my first injection. All I know is what I've read but it makes sense and works.

  7. Air in the syringe is fine. The main reason to minimize air in the syringe is to limit the volume displaced by the air so you can ensure your dose is accurate. In fact, you could fill up a whole 2 mL syringe with air and shoot it straight into your vein and not suffer an air embolism. The amount of air required is significant. Don't try it of course! But your body is skilled at breaking down the air as it passes through the pulmonary cardiovascular circuit. This is one of the things they went over in immunization delivery class at our health school. But yea I doubt the air would be the cause of your reaction since it's inert.

    Your lump is normal. It's just a minor immune reaction to the gear. Happens all the time with immunization shots. I'm guessing that some of the gear found it's way into the subcutaneous layer. You can minimize the gear getting into the subq by shaking the syringe to sling off any drops left on the sides of the needle and by leaving the needle in for a few seconds after you finish injecting. This will give it a chance to spread out and not shoot back up the entry hole right when you pull out. Hope that helps. Your lump will fully dissipate in a week or so. Just don't inject again in the same spot until then.

  8. Well it wasn't a lump, just looked like the delt grew and inch lol. And yea I agree with you guys about the air, but it takes 3 cc to be lethal, I just hate seeing any of my gear go to waste.

    Another thing anyone ever get a little edgy, and then notice it after you say, Overreact to a situation?


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