1. Gyno

    Has anyone experienced gyno or known someone who has? I would say this is the one thing I'm scared most of while on cycle lol.

  2. i have. lots of others have. honestly, i was freaked out by the thought of getting it. when i did develop a small bit of gyno (pea sized lump behind each nip) i really freaked out. then i ordered some letro for 2 weeks and BAM! gyno free since june. its a lot less stressful knowing letro takes care of it so quickly, and permenantly. prolactin gyno is more of a worry though.

  3. I have.

    Are you going to be using real gear of ph's?

  4. Is this seriously a new "thread"? It's one of the biggest topics around. Just about anyone who has run gear has experienced it and if not they know someone who has..... Get your gear/PCT right and then you don't have to worry....
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