I learned some harsh lessons from my first cycle. I over-estimated by calorie needs, and I put on some fat. I'm going to try to make quality gains this cycle while minimizing fat. My dosage was low for the first 2.5 weeks of my previous cycle [I will use a syringe to measure the dose this time] I plan on making this PH cycle [and with October a few weeks away, it might be my last] a quality one.

So here is what I am thinking. I'd like to increase my cycle length from 4 weeks to 5 weeks. I am going to begin a new HST cycle to coincide with this PH cycle. I am thinking of buying one bottle of Big 1 [6000 mg of 1-Test] and adding 1 g of 1-Test powder and one bottle of 4-Derm [6000 mg 4-AD] and adding 1 g of 4-AD powder. I will measure out 1.7 mL of each and apply twice daily for 200 mg of each daily.

Math Check:

1 oz = 30 mL, 4 oz/bottle * 30 mL/oz = 120 mL, 7000 mg / 120 mL = 58.333 mg/mL, 58.333 mg/mL * 1.7 mL = 98.6 mg, 98.6 mg * 2 = 197.2 mg, 7000 mg / 197.2 mg / day = 35.5 days

I figure this combination will be cost effective and offer enough 1-Test and 4-AD over a sufficient amount of time for growth. Any opinions or recommendations? I'd like to get some feedback before I submit my order at 1Fast400.com. Thanks a lot.