Add a ph to solidify gains off a 6 week cycle

  1. Add a ph to solidify gains off a 6 week cycle

    If you all haven't noticed I have a cycle log of the PH cycle I just began yesterday (9/7/04). I'm posting here so responses do not conjest my log. Currently,

    I am taking m1,dadd/1test/4ad for 6 weeks. I am thinking of adding in m5aa weeks 6-8 to help solidify gains.

    My question is, would it help solidify gains or will it only shut me down harder, making the gains harder to keep?

    I'm thinking of starting in week 6 so I have a jumpstart of 1 week before coming off m1,4add/1test/4ad.

    All suggestions welcome.

  2. After 6 weeks of 1-test I'd expect that you'd be very suppressed. I'm not sure that m5aa is anabolic enough to keep the gains by itself. You'd probably be better off with a PCT to get your natural test back ASAP.

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