Helladrol question!

  1. Helladrol question!

    So my Helladrol (Hdrol) package came in today and I was wondering if it's legit or not. I ordered it from Mr. Supps due to good reputation the site has received amongst the board. I'm questioning the legitimacy of the product only because I don't want to put anything bunk or fake into my body (I tend to double-check things a lot). The bottle is purple-bluish with the ripped blue-devil on the front, it was completely sealed with a pull off tab completely around the cap, and cotton inside. The pills are half white / half blue and they're slightly less taller than a quarter standing up. Thank you ahead of time, much appreciation!

  2. If you ordered from Mr.Supps you're good to go.

  3. I ordered mine on Thursday from the facebook promo, if you ordered from mr supps it should have a seal of authenticity on the top of the cap. Mine does.

  4. You have absolutely nothing to worry about... Mr. Supps is one of the best out there... They are extremely reputable... Anywhere you look you will hear great things about them... Get ready for a great cycle because helladrol is great!

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