Starting HRT tomorrow.

  1. Starting HRT tomorrow.

    Well apparently I will be getting an early birthday present. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and I am going to be starting HRT. I have been feeling really crappy, gains in muscle are extremely slow, hard time sleeping, etc. And after my research, I had about conclued that my test levels were low.. so the last time I was in the to see the doc on a visit about something else, I got him to take a blood sample and run it to see if my test levels were.. and low and behold... bottom of the normal range. So he told me to schedule an appointment.. and it is tomorrow... Hopefully, this will help me out. I am going to try to see if we can get up to the high middle range. BTW, read the article YJ posted about test and your ticker.. Info we all need to look at. So here is to the always on cycle to come..

  2. Hell yeah, milk him for whatever he'll give ya!

  3. You need to get him to add an extra 0 behind the number of vials you need if you are going to self administer. so instead of 1 vial of test you get 10 then you can have some useful dosages.

  4. LOL.. very true size.. I was not that lucky today.. I didn't get to self administer right now.. if fact might have to supplement this.

  5. HRT alone is no fun.

  6. LOL. Oh I know size but I am going to fix that problem very very soon.. Got have some fun!


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