Second Cycle -- Mdrol / Test E / Anavar Looking for more advice details inside

  1. Second Cycle -- Mdrol / Test E / Anavar Looking for more advice details inside


    I have been browsing all the good forums for a while although this is my first post here. I am looking to do my second cycle within the next month or two and have begun gathering all my supplies. I am looking for some more advice, thoughts or comments. My first cycle was Test E at 500mg a week for 12 weeks and Anavar at 50mg for 6. I had good results and was very happy for my first cycle. I think I lacked slightly on my PCT though and my recovery was rough. This time around I am looking for more. I would like to put pounds on but stay/get super lean.

    My stats are 6'0 and 200lbs currently. I peaked at 210 on the last cycle and dipped as low as 195 after PCT. I am roughly 12-13% body fat and am currently dieting in order to get that a little lower before I begin. I am thinking of doing a similar cycle this time. I have some M-drol in my cabinet and was going to kickstart it this time.

    Mdrol - Weeks 1-3 at 20ED
    TestE - Weeks 1-16 at 750mg
    Anavar - Weeks 10-16 at 75mgED
    HCG - Weeks 8-16 at 250ius twice a week


    Clomid - Weeks 18-22 at 50ED
    Nolva - Weeks 18-22 at 20ED

    I was thinking of adding some creatine and a pre-workout in here to help after PCT. Also a product called Bridge I was also looking into to keep as it says that "on" feeling after PCT.

    Is this a good cycle, should I increase/decrease length or dosages? Should I add another compound or well this give me what I want?



  2. Was thinking about adding arimidex starting at .5 EOD during cycle and Aromasin starting at 12.5ED for PCT.

    When I have the two weeks between my last shot and PCT starting. Would I continue taking the arimidex until PCT started or start aromasin before my PCT or just have two weeks of no AI.

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