My cycle plan need help......

  1. My cycle plan need help......

    Here is the up coming cycle im trying to plan on please critque it I need as much help as I can get!

    Week 1-2 M1t 10 mg ed
    Week 1-8 1 test cyp 200 mg eod
    Week 1-8 4 ad cyp 400 mg eod
    week 10-16 nolva for pct

    A few things I was concerned about

    If I want to run nolva during cycle for fear of gyno what is a good amount to run in liquid form

    Is it worth haveing M1t in first 2 weeks to jumpstart my cycle or will it be better in the long run if I dont take it because I wont be shut down for the whole 6 weeks after that.

    Do I need a buffer with short half life from week cause I know you have to wait 2 weeks after last pin to start pct, if so what is a good ph/pro steriod to use? (pref. little lethargy)

    Should I up the 1 test cyp to 300 mg change the 4 ad cyp or any of that around or is that sound?

    Should I alternate pinning 1 test cyp and 4ad cyp so I pin them on different days if so Which one should I start with

    How many weeks should I do PCT for with nolva

    Best time for injects?

    I just want everything to be perfect and clear up some things that were cloudy to me thanks for the help ahead of time guys!

    PS: will be useing spiro nightly, 600mg saw palmetto during cycle and trib and nolva pct.

  2. It's best to save nolva for PCT only and use something like letro or 4OHA while on, but if you must, 10mg/d should do it. You might be able to get by with 1 week of the m1t jump start, but 2 weeks would suppress. It might work, but I'd consider leveling the 1-test and 4-ad to 300 each, and you can load them together and do it the same days. You'll be pretty well buffered after all those cyp shots, think about getting a jump on PCT closer to the last shot cause it needs to load while the androgen buffer empties.

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