Please help guys 10 ml of sus and 10 ml of stana

  1. Please help guys 10 ml of sus and 10 ml of stana

    Hey guys I have finished a cycle of sus 250 3 weeks ago and have seen some good improvement and now i have just bought 10 ml of sus and 10 ml of stana. I was told to run the sus 1 ml a week for 10 weeks then for the last 3 weeks of cycle use the stana half a ml every second day. Would this work? Thanks in advance. I just want to keep my size until i can get some decent gear which would be around july this year thanks again.

  2. I would not run sust like that myself, to cruise I would opt for tect cyp, or test-e. Just to keep blood levles a little more stable. Also from what you said it looks like your not running anything for pct. At the least I would go for .5mg of Anastrozole e.o.d. to prevent a jump in estro.


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